Monday, January 23, 2017


Yeah, I really want to come home to see you guys and get started on the next chapter of my life.... but missionary work is too good... it is so hard to leave.... I love the people to much, the culture, the lifestyle, the food, everything. Time just goes too fast and there just isn't enough time to get it all done.  

The work in Abemama south is going very well. We are making great progress with the people here. I am truly enjoying my time here. At this time Elder Jubeck and I are working on an idea that Elder Jubeck had to get all the churches united to on topic.... abuse. We believe this will open the door for future missionary opportunities, build self confidence, and help the people be the best that they can be. We are also really focusing on serving to open the door to teach.

I love working with Elder Jubeck he is such a great friend and an even better missionary. He seems to really have things down. He is very smart and has some great ideas for the mission. 

I love it here, I am having fun and enjoying life as a missionary, I have many goals for myself and want to make these last six months of my mission my hardest working and most successful out of all the rest of my time. I know that the Lord will give me the added strength to do this.

Oh my goodness are you alright??? You fell on the cement??? And there is ice on the ground??? What the heck????I am glad to hear that your calling is going so well.  I have been praying that you will have success.  

I'm sorry but I won't have time to write out my journal writing today, I went fishing so I don't have much time.  

WE are getting a lot of success in the southern part of the Island and Elder Kennedy and I are about to head out to an islet called Abatiku.  I am way excited we will be leaving tomorrow. 

We are still teaching that guy, but we haven't taught him for a bout a week just because we haven't had time with how much biking we have to do.....

A miracle happened this week we gave a blessing to a man who is very strong in the catholic church, and the reasoning was his leg was HUGE and swollen.  We explained god would bless him and he accepted.  The next day there was a HUGE change and he could move it.  All of the catholics kept telling him to go to so so and his response was no the Elders didn't say to go to mr. so and so but go to god!!!! HOW cool is that??

I love you mom, 
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

You are traveling quite a bit huh?? 

Yeah I've pretty much decided I am going to the University of Utah, because if I get accepted and go to the other school I would have to do some form of engineering.  This gives me so much more freedom.  I was studying my patriarchal blessing and different things popped out that haven't before... I will tell you and if you would be willing to send me a list of jobs that cover most if not all of those things?  What I got out of it was includes intelligence and wisdom, that I will be able to share counsel, to be able to serve and help people on a one on one level, involves technology, and music.  I have no Idea.  I am nervous about that essay stuff because I don't have time today and the last day I can do them is next Monday...

I'm sorry that it is way short I need to get off for Elder Jubeck.....

But the work is amazing, we just went fishing... I decided I am becoming an outdoors man after this mission...  Hunting, fishing, camping, rock climbing..... etc...
hahah We are starting to get more and more people, through service, blessings and just trying to do our best.. That's the cool thing that all we have to do is our best and remember joy in Christ and we can be happy through it all! There is a reason for everything!!!!!

Sundays we run the church in several different units all over the church, I'll tell you more next week I am so sorry!!!!

I LOVE My companion.  He told me there is best friend status then cousinship which is what we became after a week of being together..(its a weird southern thing.)

I love you dad,
and Just so you know I have a goal That these last 6 months will be my most successful, hardest working, because now is the time where I should have it down to a point were I should just cruise through it..... I AM NOT GOING TO GET TRUNKY!!!!! The stupidest thing of my life... I want people to see me as the elder who could not get trunky!!!!

I love you dad,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson