Monday, August 29, 2016

Working Hard in London


Yes! I am glad that my package finally got there and that everything is safe!  I am glad that you liked the pictures! I am sorry that I don't send very many..........  Thank you for putting that stuff away, I will probably try to send home another shortly... XD 

London is amazing!!!! I am seeing so many miracles happening it is ridiculous!!!! The Lord's hand has definitely been seen in my time here in London, and the thing that sucks is..... time is going by even faster here!!!

The area is a busy town, so people are always moving around and not staying!!! It is the complete opposite from Banana! but I love it!!! 

I know that you will kill it in your talk, whenever you speak I feel the spirit so I know that others will feel that spirit as well!!! Just be you and trust in the Lord he knows what is absolutely best for you, I know that you got called to calling you are at because of the Talents that you have, so be you!!!! I love you so much!

I love that comparison with the telephone, it is nice here because people aren't always on them..... but not too long ago they just came......... now people aren't as caring...... so I want you to know you know how before the mission you said you would put me on that plan with the smart phones when I get back....... I don't want that.... I want a button phone that has the ability to text and call and that is it!!! hahahahahahahah no phone, I have seen a drastic difference and I do not like it!!!! hahah all I want is something that can text and call and then something for music! hahah 

It is true though if we treated the Book of Mormon like we treat the phone the world would be so amazing!!! 

Let me know how your talk and Allie's talk goes!!!

I love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson 


London is going amazing!!! This last week we got 37 lessons, so the vision that President Larkin gave us of 30 a week is definitely possible, Elder Gilbert and I have only been here a week now and have been working hard to reach our own goal of 45 lessons, we believe that it is very possible.  We found out that the best days for work are Saturdays so Elder Gilbert and I have decided to wake up early, get studies done so that we can get out of the house by 1030, last Saturday is where we got most of our lessons.  We continue to see many mighty miracles... it is nice to have a ward mission leader to help us find members, this next week we will be getting in a lot more.  

As for investigators one of the best is this Lady in her mid thirties, whose name is Ereateata, every lesson she takes notes, she prays, reads.  She was a referral from a member, and when we first met her confessed to being a smoker but wanting to change her life.  We just taught word of wisdom and she is following the plan we made for her really well!! She already has a testimony and knows all of our lessons are true!!!

Elder Gilbert is great, he is a little timid on certain things such as making eye contact as he teaches and being confident with his language but is doing great, he has a great drive and is just as willing to be exactly obedient and shoot for just one more lesson.  I have been trying to do a lot of role play with him to get his confidence up, and I am helping him as much as I can with his language! He is quiet a lot of the time so it is hard to know if I have offended him or is he thinks I am drilling him... I really just want to help him as much as I can... I just hope I am doing alright. 

As for me I am doing well, I am still improving in the Language thanks to the Lord, and am trying my very best everyday.  I have fallen short a couple of times by ending the day a little earlier than we should have... I feared that if we went to one more lesson then the members would be mad that we were late... I know know that I need to fear God more than I fear man.  

Funniest probably that we went tracting and we went up called into the house then 2 dogs came tearing around the corner, I left my companion in the dust!!!!! Then Elder Gilbert says he felt we should go back ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  so we so back and it turns out the dog is like a million years old and just wanted to say hello... it turned out to be an amazing lesson with a deacon from the KUC church and she invited us back!!!

Most spiritual probably with everything......... the Lord is just allowing for miracles to happen as we are tying our best to be 100% obedient!

I knew mom would do great!! XD She always speaks by the spirit!!!!

Tell them that I wish them luck and that I love them!! Allie and Lucas that is!!!!

I love you dad,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Monday, August 22, 2016

Moved to London, Kiritimati


Yes I am so glad you finally got the letter!!!! Let's just hope that the package gets to you guys soon because that is the thing that has all of the pictures, I just never have time to send pictures...... so I'm sorry!

Fishing was great!!! I caught two fish the size of my arm (I don't know the name in English) and one grouper it was so much fun!!!! We give all the fish to Tiim (seam) who is the one that takes us out fishing.  Elder Ellis and I didn't get to eat it since we had our own dinner! XD

That is so crazy that they combined the schools!  How are they even doing that with how small Cyprus is????  that is insane!!! I'm glad it was a short week to help them get into the transition!!!

Are you serious she taught at Moroni?????  That is sooooooooooo awesome!!!! what are the odds of that??? that is way cool!!!! I know that the Lord puts everyone in our path for a reason that is something that has really been testified to me this last week... 

We came into this area with absolutely nothing.. The Area books only had first names, no explanation of where they really lived or their age or any descriptive factor that would help us know where they lived.... so we started talking to everyone and we have seen so many miracles!!!!

Elder Gilbert and I have officially moved to London as of last Thursday.  My missionary portal still says I am in Banana, so I will send you our stats through this letter.  I know that it is possible for us to at least get 30 lessons in this week here in London, we are going to work our best to continue to work hard and to help this branch grow.  Our vision for this area is to get it up to 45 lessons as well, it will be a little difficult at first because all the names in the area book don't really explain where some of these people live... but as we have prayed we have gotten help from so many nice members, non members and the Lord.  We are seeing miracles as we are striving to be 100% obedient and I know that no matter what the Lord will help us.

The 2nd day we taught here in London, we found several families who are ready to hear the Gospel.  One of which we found out is in the process of changing religions and one of his big questions was what day is the Sabbath, we came in right as they were making the transition to the Seventh day Adventist.  The next day a member gave us a referral, who turned out to be the same family We are definitely seeing miracles in this area.
Elder Gilbert is doing great, at times I think that he doubts a little with his language, but is way further than I was three months into the mission.  I am trying to give him as much time to speak, but I am still trying to figure out the best way to give him enough time and keep the lesson flowing.  I know he is seeing miracles as well.
As for me, I am doing awesome, as I am trying to be obedient, I feel the spirit work through my teaching and testify of the truthfulness of our message.  I know that the spirit is guiding our actions, words and thoughts.  I have definitely seen the hand of the Lord as I've fasted and prayed for his help!

Mom, I know that you will do great at your calling and that this is a call that has come from Heavenly Father, know I am praying for you and Love you!

Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Hey Dad,

I sent a separate package after I sent the Letter so it should be coming soon!! (pictures included)

I'm glad that everything is going great at home, I continue to pray for you guys!!! I love you all!!!! 

I am soooo freaked out about me coming up on my year, and it doesn't help that everyone is keeps saying that it goes faster after the first year.....

so My last week was a blast!!! Elder Ellis and I worked extremely hard to fulfil President Larkin's vision, we exceeded it by 15 lessons so I am pretty excited. One of his other expectations is exact obedience and Elder Ellis and I have been trying our best to fulfill that, and I am continuing with Elder Gilbert...

Yes I already asked for an extension!!! hahahah XD Does that answer your question about being glad to serve a mission?? hahaha

Elder gilbert is Awesome his full name is Benjamin Gary Gilbert and he is from Newcastle Australia and he is a great kid.  He has been out for 3 months and he is already a champ at the language, he understands most of what is being said so that is a huge help!!! XD

Something cool that happened when I moved to London, because I've been praying for it, my accent improved to sound more Kiribati!!!! I know that heavenly Father allowed for my language to improve, and yesterday, I actually got to translate for the Senior couple Elder and Sister Pilkington.  I am starting to understand the culture more and I am using my goofy personality and Everyone loves it!!!

I moved to London Last Thursday and Saturday we had a YSA dance completion the YSA from London gave us sweet shirts and The Senior couples judged.   I got up in the middle of one of their dances and started dancing with them!!! so fun!!!!!! I gained some major respect from our members!!! XD

Iam definitely seeing the Lords hand in all that we are doing as a companionship!

Ilove you dad,
Love your son,
Elder JOhnson

Monday, August 15, 2016

At least we know he is alive!

Um ya, this is all we got this week...

We went fishing I love you I caught 3!!!! I got Jodi's package it went
to Tarawa, and I am going to be moving to London this week I love you

Monday, August 8, 2016

A Little Longer in Banana

Dear mom,

Things are going great, I found out that Elder Dale, who is just coming out of the MTC to be trained by Elder Ellis is sick and isn't getting to Christmas for another week.... so that is 1 month without elders in London, so I am really nervous about that!!!

Health is doing great! I don't have any problems and as for anything else for my package, we are good, I have EVERYTHING I need clothes shoes and missionary wise, just Advil, and fruit stuff... I honestly would rather have healthy stuff than junk to be honest!

That is pretty crazy that it has been so quiet at the house!!! hahahah I cannot believe Josh wouldn't take you up on the offer to do jobs for money!!!

Mom, I know that you are the woman for the Job, you were called of God and you will be qualified for this work remember that all you have to do is pray and it will all be alright!

I love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Kay , quick question... any word on the Package from Jodi??
So Elder Ellis's kid (his trainee) got sick in the MTC so it is pushing transfers back a week..... so that got me pretty nervous not having Elders working there for 1 whole month, we are going to start pretty much from scratch!!! So I am pretty stressed too...
I've heard that you guys are attacking the basement Mom sounds way stressed!!! hahaha
(Note from Dad- I shared my primary lesson with Jeff, about Nephi in the Book of Helaman standing up to the mobs even though it could cost him his life.)

I love that story! I know that the Lord has our backs 24/7 and all we have to do is be bold! It's a lot like that minister story I told you about, we are now having so many struggles with people from the KUC church we have spies, we are losing investigators.  It is because they run their church off of fear, but I know that there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop the work, all I have to do is let the Lord do his work!
The work is going great!!! We have so many solid investigators and they are pretty much on track to be baptized.... no baptisms the rest of the time I am here.... BUT Elder Dale will have some good ones set up for when he come to work with Ellis!!! We even had 5 of our investigators come to church!!!!! Also all of our investigators trust us and are very open with what sort of troubles they have.
Most spiritual.... probably district meeting again, we each shared our favorite talks and I shared the one that best helped me when I first came out... An high priest of Good things to come by Jeffrey R. Holland, and the spirit was so strong that I cried and several of the other Elders cried as well!
The funniest thing that happened is probably....dinner last night there was this cute little boy who is about 1 and he has this "scary" face that is so cute, and all night after dinner, I pretended that I was scared and he just laughed and laughed! 
I love you dad,
love your son\
Elder Johnson

Monday, August 1, 2016

Changes on the Horizon

So first thing is first, how did your birthday go??  Did you get a letter that I sent??  If not, you should be expecting one!!! hahah
I just want you to know that I love you and I hope that you had a good birthday.

We actually found out that I am not moving to London until next week on the tenth.  That is when the senior couples, sisters, and Elder Ellis' new companion comes in.  That is 3 weeks that no elders are going to be working there... I am so nervous.... but I have to say, I had the same kind of experience you did.  Right before I found out where I was going I was praying for my next area to be difficult.  I too say be careful what you wish for! hahah XD London is a lot more modernized, there are houses (not as nice as what you would see in America though) and a lot of businesses.  From the Elders past experiences there, the work is rough... but I'm going to go in there and light a fire under that area!  My house is the best on the island, other than the nice house with hot water and air con! XD so I'm nervous but really excited!

That is so crazy how that works because I just finished the Book of Mormon too!!!!!! That is so amazing! What was your favorite story?? I really liked of course Abinadi and Captain Moroni, but this time the last chapter in Moroni really stuck out to me, Moroni's people have all died so everything that he wrote was aimed directly to us!

That flash drive will work perfectly!!! It is even better than a external drive it is more compact!! Great idea!! as for things I need...  more dried fruit that was amazing! I only need deodorant and I am good on clothes, and toiletries... the only other thing I can think of is Advil I left mine on Tarawa... and the Tylonol here is way expensive!!!

The backpack is great!!!! but I don't know about the whole water proof thing... it hasn't rained in a way long time!! XD hahah sooo we will see! But I am sure it will do great!!!

Pretty much all of our investigators are progressing.. except for one thing... they don't come to church.. please just pray that they will develop that desire to go to church!

And are you serious about getting called to 2nd counselor to the Stake Young Womens?? That is insanely awesome! I can't think of anyone better for the job!  The Lord definitely works in mysterious ways! I know I've challenged you before, but the preach my gospel has some really amazing things in it that will help you with different aspects in your calling!

I love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Missionary work is great, funny story for the week, so we were sitting in this lesson teaching this 10 year old kid out of the Book of Mormon and all of a sudden we hear him say te minita or the minister!  Crap... this lady walks up from this brand new car and starts interrogating the kid, you want to be Mormon, yeah??  What are you teaching them... we explained to her that we were teaching out of the Book of Mormon, then this big guy walks up and turns out he is THE Minister over the island and starts going off about how they don't teach our people.  Then the Lady started calling the kid her thing.... and that he had to give back the Book of Mormon because it confuses his head.. So after Elder Ellis and I stand up and start introducing ourselves and she cuts me off and says e rabwa te kaitibo pretty much thanks but no thanks then says they only believe in the bible, so I started bearing my testimony that we believed that the bible was true but that the Book of Mormon had the FULLNESS of the gospel! XD When she made the kid return the book I tried to offer it to her and you should have seen the look on her face!!! XD hahahah  As she was walking away I yelled at them We love you guys! (Ti Tangariingkami!) then they told us to leave their sheep now and then drove off but just far enough to watch us... We stayed and played cards with the kid just to show we weren't intimidated.  

The funny thing was the dad was there, and when we first got there he told the kid to prepare the mat for us to sit on to teach him!

It is just crazy to see how Satan would actually run things, off of fear and telling us lies to trick us into the wrong thing.  The funny thing is that gave this kid a stronger desire to learn and he had another book of Mormon that I told him to hide and read which he agreed to do.. And it worked out because we had an extra book of Mormon for one of our later lessons, we had forgotten to grab new ones!