Monday, August 22, 2016

Moved to London, Kiritimati


Yes I am so glad you finally got the letter!!!! Let's just hope that the package gets to you guys soon because that is the thing that has all of the pictures, I just never have time to send pictures...... so I'm sorry!

Fishing was great!!! I caught two fish the size of my arm (I don't know the name in English) and one grouper it was so much fun!!!! We give all the fish to Tiim (seam) who is the one that takes us out fishing.  Elder Ellis and I didn't get to eat it since we had our own dinner! XD

That is so crazy that they combined the schools!  How are they even doing that with how small Cyprus is????  that is insane!!! I'm glad it was a short week to help them get into the transition!!!

Are you serious she taught at Moroni?????  That is sooooooooooo awesome!!!! what are the odds of that??? that is way cool!!!! I know that the Lord puts everyone in our path for a reason that is something that has really been testified to me this last week... 

We came into this area with absolutely nothing.. The Area books only had first names, no explanation of where they really lived or their age or any descriptive factor that would help us know where they lived.... so we started talking to everyone and we have seen so many miracles!!!!

Elder Gilbert and I have officially moved to London as of last Thursday.  My missionary portal still says I am in Banana, so I will send you our stats through this letter.  I know that it is possible for us to at least get 30 lessons in this week here in London, we are going to work our best to continue to work hard and to help this branch grow.  Our vision for this area is to get it up to 45 lessons as well, it will be a little difficult at first because all the names in the area book don't really explain where some of these people live... but as we have prayed we have gotten help from so many nice members, non members and the Lord.  We are seeing miracles as we are striving to be 100% obedient and I know that no matter what the Lord will help us.

The 2nd day we taught here in London, we found several families who are ready to hear the Gospel.  One of which we found out is in the process of changing religions and one of his big questions was what day is the Sabbath, we came in right as they were making the transition to the Seventh day Adventist.  The next day a member gave us a referral, who turned out to be the same family We are definitely seeing miracles in this area.
Elder Gilbert is doing great, at times I think that he doubts a little with his language, but is way further than I was three months into the mission.  I am trying to give him as much time to speak, but I am still trying to figure out the best way to give him enough time and keep the lesson flowing.  I know he is seeing miracles as well.
As for me, I am doing awesome, as I am trying to be obedient, I feel the spirit work through my teaching and testify of the truthfulness of our message.  I know that the spirit is guiding our actions, words and thoughts.  I have definitely seen the hand of the Lord as I've fasted and prayed for his help!

Mom, I know that you will do great at your calling and that this is a call that has come from Heavenly Father, know I am praying for you and Love you!

Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Hey Dad,

I sent a separate package after I sent the Letter so it should be coming soon!! (pictures included)

I'm glad that everything is going great at home, I continue to pray for you guys!!! I love you all!!!! 

I am soooo freaked out about me coming up on my year, and it doesn't help that everyone is keeps saying that it goes faster after the first year.....

so My last week was a blast!!! Elder Ellis and I worked extremely hard to fulfil President Larkin's vision, we exceeded it by 15 lessons so I am pretty excited. One of his other expectations is exact obedience and Elder Ellis and I have been trying our best to fulfill that, and I am continuing with Elder Gilbert...

Yes I already asked for an extension!!! hahahah XD Does that answer your question about being glad to serve a mission?? hahaha

Elder gilbert is Awesome his full name is Benjamin Gary Gilbert and he is from Newcastle Australia and he is a great kid.  He has been out for 3 months and he is already a champ at the language, he understands most of what is being said so that is a huge help!!! XD

Something cool that happened when I moved to London, because I've been praying for it, my accent improved to sound more Kiribati!!!! I know that heavenly Father allowed for my language to improve, and yesterday, I actually got to translate for the Senior couple Elder and Sister Pilkington.  I am starting to understand the culture more and I am using my goofy personality and Everyone loves it!!!

I moved to London Last Thursday and Saturday we had a YSA dance completion the YSA from London gave us sweet shirts and The Senior couples judged.   I got up in the middle of one of their dances and started dancing with them!!! so fun!!!!!! I gained some major respect from our members!!! XD

Iam definitely seeing the Lords hand in all that we are doing as a companionship!

Ilove you dad,
Love your son,
Elder JOhnson

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