Monday, January 23, 2017


Yeah, I really want to come home to see you guys and get started on the next chapter of my life.... but missionary work is too good... it is so hard to leave.... I love the people to much, the culture, the lifestyle, the food, everything. Time just goes too fast and there just isn't enough time to get it all done.  

The work in Abemama south is going very well. We are making great progress with the people here. I am truly enjoying my time here. At this time Elder Jubeck and I are working on an idea that Elder Jubeck had to get all the churches united to on topic.... abuse. We believe this will open the door for future missionary opportunities, build self confidence, and help the people be the best that they can be. We are also really focusing on serving to open the door to teach.

I love working with Elder Jubeck he is such a great friend and an even better missionary. He seems to really have things down. He is very smart and has some great ideas for the mission. 

I love it here, I am having fun and enjoying life as a missionary, I have many goals for myself and want to make these last six months of my mission my hardest working and most successful out of all the rest of my time. I know that the Lord will give me the added strength to do this.

Oh my goodness are you alright??? You fell on the cement??? And there is ice on the ground??? What the heck????I am glad to hear that your calling is going so well.  I have been praying that you will have success.  

I'm sorry but I won't have time to write out my journal writing today, I went fishing so I don't have much time.  

WE are getting a lot of success in the southern part of the Island and Elder Kennedy and I are about to head out to an islet called Abatiku.  I am way excited we will be leaving tomorrow. 

We are still teaching that guy, but we haven't taught him for a bout a week just because we haven't had time with how much biking we have to do.....

A miracle happened this week we gave a blessing to a man who is very strong in the catholic church, and the reasoning was his leg was HUGE and swollen.  We explained god would bless him and he accepted.  The next day there was a HUGE change and he could move it.  All of the catholics kept telling him to go to so so and his response was no the Elders didn't say to go to mr. so and so but go to god!!!! HOW cool is that??

I love you mom, 
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

You are traveling quite a bit huh?? 

Yeah I've pretty much decided I am going to the University of Utah, because if I get accepted and go to the other school I would have to do some form of engineering.  This gives me so much more freedom.  I was studying my patriarchal blessing and different things popped out that haven't before... I will tell you and if you would be willing to send me a list of jobs that cover most if not all of those things?  What I got out of it was includes intelligence and wisdom, that I will be able to share counsel, to be able to serve and help people on a one on one level, involves technology, and music.  I have no Idea.  I am nervous about that essay stuff because I don't have time today and the last day I can do them is next Monday...

I'm sorry that it is way short I need to get off for Elder Jubeck.....

But the work is amazing, we just went fishing... I decided I am becoming an outdoors man after this mission...  Hunting, fishing, camping, rock climbing..... etc...
hahah We are starting to get more and more people, through service, blessings and just trying to do our best.. That's the cool thing that all we have to do is our best and remember joy in Christ and we can be happy through it all! There is a reason for everything!!!!!

Sundays we run the church in several different units all over the church, I'll tell you more next week I am so sorry!!!!

I LOVE My companion.  He told me there is best friend status then cousinship which is what we became after a week of being together..(its a weird southern thing.)

I love you dad,
and Just so you know I have a goal That these last 6 months will be my most successful, hardest working, because now is the time where I should have it down to a point were I should just cruise through it..... I AM NOT GOING TO GET TRUNKY!!!!! The stupidest thing of my life... I want people to see me as the elder who could not get trunky!!!!

I love you dad,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy on Abemama

Dear mom,

Well, this place is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it soooo much!!!! This week flew by and I cannot believe that I am already on the next week of adventures!!! It really scares me because time is flying  by so much faster than any time in  my mission thus far............ I really don't want to come back...... I know that sounds horrible, but missionary life is too good.... I don't have to worry about anything other than sharing the gospel to those around me.  This place is so clean and beautiful!!!!! I love it so much XD 

Thank you ;so much for ordering that stuff for me! I really appreciate it!!! XD I can't think of anything else that I need thank you so much for being willing to send stuff out to me.  Oh you know those 12 step addiction recovery books?? do you think that you could send one of those out for me I feel like if I studied it, it will help me to really help these people overcome their addictions. and more cards with instructions for card tricks??? People love that stuff!!! hahah They love it even more out here on the outer Island!! XD

I am so glad that you ;are having so many great experiences while doing your calling.  Not only you but Ana, Josh and Kaleb will all be blessed for your service.  You are such a spiritual example to me!! I love you mom so much! I will really try to watch that video.  I love learning from the Savior's example. I have been reading the new testament to learn more from his example.  I love it so much!!

well my journal entry for the day is from Tuesday January 10th"
"Well first full work day!  Let's just say that it was by far one of the craziest work days of my mission! XD  So I woke up at five fifteen to do my work out which was way good!  They have this stick that if you put two cinder blocks on the end it makes are really good bar for "weight lifting" XD I did a bunch of different things that really caused me to feel it later on in the day! XD  Well when I was done, Elder Jubeck and I went on a run on the beach.  I came back got showered with a bucket and got writing in my journal.  I wrote for a little while, then I read my  Book of Mormon and tried to catch up as much as I could on my journal writing. Unfortunately, this took up my personal study time... but I know that once I get caught up it will be a lot better.  Today Elder Kennedy and I were working together, and because of this we did companion study out on the hammocks, right by the ocean!  We spent the time talking about overcoming addictions and then told me a way cool story about when he said in temwaiku during Christmas.  He told me that he taught the wife of a man we taught when he and I were together.  That guy just recently passed away.  Due to this fact his wife wanted to know know if she would see him again!  Way awesome!  When nine o'clock came around it was time to hop on the radio to send in stats.  This mission is insane! We have to use a c/v radio to send in stats and needs!  Well we got to talk with all the outer islands Tabiteuea north and south, aranuka, kuria and one or two others.  The session way way long but it was cool to talk with everyone out there.  I told them that one of my needs was to never come off! XD  Well this is where this day gets amazing.... Elder Kennedy and I walked to where we picked up our ride for the day.... ;A motorcycle!!!!! XD  No other mission in the world!  It was so much fun! I mean I'm a missionary riding a motorcycle! Lessons today were way awesome! We made it down all the way to the last village where we taught quite a few amount of people.  Our first lesson was with this old man who is from the 7th day Adventist.  He kept telling us about how similar we were in beliefs and I testified of that, the spirit was way strong.  We decided to teach restoration.  I explained how strong his faith was and how wise he was and if he used that knowledge he could receive an answer if our lesson was true.  The guys name is Beiteke.  The rest of the day was great! I learned how tho drive the bike we hiked 10 minutes into the forest where we met this family who were members.  They were very talkative and I told them that I was adopted to Kiribati and they totally believed me!  Well time went quickly and it was time for us to head back to Kareantebike for the temple prep class.  We got there pretty early so Elder Kennedy and I went to a fishing store to buy line, hooks, and a bouy for fishing! They are going to go out to an islet out here tomorrow and were going to fish on the way out there.  After we met the other two Elders at the church mwaneaba and Elder Weenig and I hoped on the motorcycle to pick up their clothes in the Northern side of the island.  It turns out that I actually met this guy in Temwaiku! His name is Tikaua what are the odds??  We came in sat down and drakk, then we tried to get going, but the motorcycle wouldn't start because it was out of gas... At least we got to his house before we got stuck in the forest. We sat in his house while we waited and hour and a half for someone to get us some gas.  EVERYONE WAS OUT!  hahah During that time Tikaua showed us some magic tricks with cards and we just talked.  After a while we got a small amount of gas, got down the road and asked a house for help... they then took us in the direction of where we came from where we met a lady who was very nice to help us, and found out she had lessons before! We bought gas and got home! What a crazy day!!!
I love you mom!!
love your son,
Elder Johnson


How is travelling??? That is so cool that you get to see all of these amazing places!!!! Meet new people! I just love talking and meeting new people and I love helping them... That is why I think that I am going to do something different so that I can do that everyday.  I feel like I want be a health Nutritionist or go into health and nutrition.  I just want to help people on a one on one level!! I was talking about it with my companion........ I just want a job where I can help people on a personal level... and I feel this is something that can not only help me to enjoy my job, but to give back to all that the Lord has given me. 

Yes you can help the missionaries when you travel, but think of all of the people the Lord is putting in your path for you to affect in some way or another.  Something that I heard an apostle does every time that he travels is to help him find the TRUE reason that he is traveling, I'd like to challenge you to do the same thing.  I know that you will have a more enjoyable time when you travel and you will help mom to have an easier time when you travel 

When I read that letter, I felt so good.... I don't think that the other school is for me... I felt the spirit so strong that that is what I needed to pursue.  I don't know why but I feel really good about that I have some great plans for what I want to do with my life, but I still got a lot to do here! 

The work here is great!!!! There are so many amazing members and missionary help.  There is one branch, but the problem is the island is so big that we just have a ton of different sacrament meetings.  This is where on of our goals come in that we get a car for the church and give someone a calling so we can do combined church and get Sunday school and relief society and Priesthood classes going!
we have a goal for an increase of 10 at church every month 2 bap per companionship, and a lot of other cool things in mind. At this time the branch is going to be reorganized because the branch president just moved... so The second counselor in the mission is coming out this week to do that. 

Elder Jubeck is the man!!!! We get a long so well. Plus we have a lot of bike riding time to talk about ourselves, he is so cool!!!!! I love working with him.  This last week I didn't get to work with him because he and Elder Kennedy went to the outer islet and Elder Weenig and I worked together.  He is way cool to! I love it here so much!!!!

boiled well water, less food, but still a ton! I am eating a ton of rice because that is the only thing that makes me full... so I think I'm gaining a little weight.... I hate it! hahah I am still way overeating too!!! hahah Our Island is one of the closest to the main island so it is pretty good on cargo!! hahah we get apples, juice and cold drinks, just no power in our house! XD 

I love you so much dad!,
love your son,
Elder Johnson

Monday, January 9, 2017

Abemama Island, New Island, New Companion

Dear mom,

Well things are going absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so freaking happy to finally be  out on an outer Island.  I was known by all the missionaries in the field as "the one elder who hasn't been out!!!!" hahahahah It is so beautiful here!!!!

I am so glad that Dad is finally getting a calling that makes me so happy!!!

So one quick thing that if you can send out as quickly as you can I need  a couple of things.... a pocket knife, a fixed blade and a machete if there is any way you can send those out to me that would be very much appreciated!!!

Oh man that Harlem shake!!!!! hahahahahah couldn't stop laughing thinking about that!!!!!! hahahah

Mom, I love being a missionary and I am so excited and ready to get out and go to work!!!!!!!! I still have ages and so much that I still need to be doing before my time is up.  No offense but I love it so much that I don't want my time to end..... I am excited for what the Lord has in store for me, but missionary life is what makes me happier
than all other things.... hahahahaha

I am happy that everything is back to normal! It feels good, it was way hectic and crazy to have that many missionaries on Tarawa at once!!!! hahaha

Anyway, my journal entry for the week is from Thursday, January 5th: "Today was a blast! Plus it was a very successful day!  It was so awesome!!  I woke up at 6:20, worked out and got on my journal. After the journal writing I got on my studies.  Studies were amazing!  I have really been trying to focus my studies a lot more on our investigators.  As I have been experimenting with this, I've noticed that our lessons are a lot more powerful! 

Well I started off reading my book of Mormon, then I continued to follow my set schedule for my studies each day I have a different  set schedule for what I am going to study that day.  when I git my thirty minutes of Book of Mormon studies I moved on to my Old and New Testament studies.  I have a goal that I will finish both by the time my time is done.  Well companion study we spent the time talking about our investigators.  We really spent the time on Naeke (Tirine's husband)  We decided that the best lesson we could teach him was the restoration lesson.  

When studies were done, we got out the door pretty quickly.  As we walked we came in contact with one our investigators on the street.  We told them we would meet them later to teach them.  I love walking this area
because it is so much easier to contact people!!  Just by walking and talking with everyone we picked up three new investigators!  

Today was so awesome ! Because we were walking we were an hour late to our lesson with Tokanuea.... Teretia got on our case big time! ( Our member present)  XD whoops!  We just went over the baptismal interview questions to figure out whet she remembered.  She did pretty good, except she needs a review on a couple of commandments.  Uatiti is an amazing 12 year old kid. who really really gets our lessons.  He remembers everything, and he really loves Elders!!!  

So today we had 3 potentials from tracting yesterday, I honestly thought they would fall through. To my surprise we taught all of them.  Our first potential was Iotebwa.  He is a 22 year old guy who at first I didn't think was going to be that into our lessons. To my surprise we showed up to our time and he was asleep.... Oh great I thought he's not going to get any of this!! We really focused the lesson on the life of the Savior.  He just lit up.  At the end of the lesson he explained how because he just woke up he had nothing on his mind.  As we taught he said we filled his mind with purpose!!!  Such an amazing lesson!!  

The other lessons were decent but the 2 that topped them all are the lessons we had with Tirine,Rerei, and Naeke. Tirine and Rerei didn't seem like they were that into the lesson like they usually are, but we did our best to follow the spirit.  We taught on missionary work to which as we were teaching , Nei Teretia started to cry.  She explained to us that we answered her Prayer!!  How cool is that????  

Our last lesson of the day was with Naeke... we decided that we needed to teach the Restoration lesson... That was the most powerful lesson I have had in a really long time!!  As I spoke I was bold but I could feel the truthfulness of what I was saying.  As I testified of that 14 year old boy seeing God the Father and the Son, it clicked for me that this is why I came here.  I came here to help people realize that God hears and knows our prayers, He knows us by name, He is there for us.  I know that God the Father and the Son love us... And I know that Naeke felt it as well.  We closed with a kneeling prayer and he sincerely asked if it were true.... So amazing!!!! Great day! 

I love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Well I love it here, the cool ocean breeze, the palm trees enjoying the Islander Life...... flipflops and coconuts......... hammocks and the fresh fish............... I'm having such a hard time here........

I am so glad that you got a calling... It is about dang time!!! That is so cool that you are in the Elder's quorum, I think that will be really good for you!!!! Just keep the elders interested..... DON'T JUST READ FROM THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate that!! it is soooooo boring! hahah

I did not hear about Keith! That is soooooo awesome!!!!! Tell him congrats!!! I am now on the Island of Abamama!!!!!! So awesome, yesterday I had to conduct and preside at church! XD The last villiage of our area is an hour bike ride from our house!!!!! hahahah so awsome! It is soooo clean and beautiful here! I will send pictures, and yes I have already taken a video tour! I flew in yesterday and got straight to work! THIS PLACE IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Island is the best for food and cargo, but as for sleeping I'm on the ground, I poop in the forest shower with the bucket and have to bike a lot! I love it!!! 

My comps name is Kray Jubeck.  He is sooooo cool from Florida.  He spear fishes is in the airforce, likes to fish wrestle, dive, hunt crocodiles. and a lot of stuff! I love him!! 

Well I have only been here for a day now so I don't really know much, but I have some good visions! NOt a lot of work is going on in our area which is the south, but that will all change!!! We are just going to light this area on fire!!! 

One more thing I thought I need a hammock called an EMO they are way perfect!!

I love you dad,]
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year from Tarawa!

Dear Mom,

Well the new Year!!!!!!!! Crazy how fast it's gone!!!!!! I cannot believe it!!!! Big changes and plans for the New year! Keep in mind all of the changes you want to make and use the Atonement to fulfill those desires.  

I'm sorry that you have a headache.... that sucks..... Pray hard.  I got my package and I was absolutely excited!!!!!!! I was so happy to give out the candy and presents to everyone!!!! Thank you so much for that protein and blender bottle!!! I really want to get into being healthier... I am trying to cut out candy, cake, and that kind of stuff. I have not been doing so well... and the culture makes it so difficult to not over eat! hahah Let's just say when I get home I DO NOT WANT UNHEALTHY FOOD!! I will need your help, I want to eat so much healthier.  I feel so much better when I do! I loved the package you sent me! Those pictures were perfect!!!!!! I absolutely love them! They are now in my bag so that I can show them to everyone around me!!!! hahah I passed out the candy to all the kids of the families that we teach. It was awesome! They all loved it so much.  Working with a native (Elder Kaibakia) I have learned so much when it comes to loving the people, and I have seen a huge difference.  When I have been following his council and teachings about the culture and how to act, I have seen a huge difference with our people!!!! We have been asked for blessings, we have received referrals without asking for them, and the members trust us more.  Not that they didn't in the past, but they are more willing to trust us now.  

Lessons this last week have been AMAZING! The only problem, I wasn't as obedient with my studies with how many Missionaries have been in our house.  I have been distracted, and I hit a rough patch where I got depressed..... and sad, which resulted in me not having the drive to go out and find as much... I still worked hard it was just different. When I did a self check I realized that was what I needed to change and started focusing and better studies.  I started having a lot better time and I wasn't as down.  I loved it!!!! I am glad!

Dad only asked me a little bit about transfers but not too much! My comp just changed as of yesterday to Elder Jubeck.  We are flying out on Sunday and this is one of the Best outer islands there are!!!!!!!! There is power, internet, and even apples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooooo pumped! I am really excited to get out there! I can't wait.  I have met a lot of people the last couple of weeks that live out in Abemama and they have a ton of stuff to bring to their families.  So I have a few referrals for when we go out there.  One of the Ladies we teach here in Eita, her name is Taungare, and she is sending Christmas gifts with me.  And as we were teaching her one day I told her that I am learning Kiribati dances from Elder Kaibakia, and I am planning on learning more for when I go out to Abemama.  When I told her this she said that her family was really good at making the Outfit for the dance and she would tell her family to make it for me!!!!! I am way excited!!!!! XD 

This Christmas was such an amazing time this year!!!! I learned so much and felt like that I was truly able to celebrate the birth of the Savior by following the Life of him and I was really given the opportunity to receive the help I needed.  It was rough a couple of times, but I was able to talk it out with President, and other Elders in the house! It has been fun, but I am ready for everything to get back to normal... hahaha a lot of Elders are pretty crazy!!! hahahaha

Anyway, I love you mom,
Happy new year!!! ,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

(Hello in the New year!!!!)

Well tiabo 2016 and Mauri 2017!
This is it a huge mile stone.... black out year is over................WELL THAT SUCKS!!! I absolutely hate it!!!!! Why in the freaking world is the time going so fast?????? So Last night at our fireside with President Haleck, President Larkin took me aside and told me that there were going to be some changes in the transfers that would affect me.  He told me that he prayed about it and Elder Taylor is no longer going out with me.  Instead I will be working with Elder Jubeck.  He is absolutely the Bomb!! He is the same intake as Elder Sangapolu! I am really excited, but really sad that I won't be working with Elder Taylor...... Also one other change... I am not flying out until this Sunday. But I am okay with that because that gives me a little bit more time to Say goodbye to all of my people here!!! 

I absolutely LOVE this time of year!!! I too took the time to write down my goals for the rest of my mission and for my time when I get home.  By doing that I have really studied the making goals section in the Preach my gospel.  One of the Biggest things that I've learned during my time of being a missionary is making and achieving goals.  Making goals needs to take time and long thought, and along with that we must include our Father in Heaven.  So during our training with President Haleck we had the time given to us to have a question and answer segment.  Because I just wrote out a bunch of goals I asked him What we could do to always remember our goals and actually fulfill them.  Not only did he answer but so did his wife, President and Sister Larkin did as well!!! What they said was amazing.  -the main is to write down the goal, and hang it up where you can see it. -review it regularly, daily -think about what changes you need to make -what resources can you use -focus -effort -re-evaluate -writing the how tos -report to the lord -ask the lord what components effect the goal and make him apart of the process.  Something that I have also learned during my studies of Goals is that We have to use our smarts..... Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic, Time specific, Stretches us.  And to make a goal we must first come up with a vision for ourselves, write down any obstacles that could prevent us from achieving them, how to overcome those, and then write out a detailed plan.

Well cool facts about last week, the President of Kiribati invited all the missionaries to a Party to celebrate the new year! We got crowns ate a ton of food, danced, watched Kiribati dancing. It was so much fun!!!! XD

For Christmas, I got a box for my scriptures made out of the Pandanas leaf, One of those shirts that have my name sown on the side from Elder Kaibakia.

Oh and I got my package!!!!! Thank you Soooooooooooooooo much!!!!! Except the thing that sucks.... It was held together by suran wrap... the box was moist and everything in it was waster damaged! ahahahah Luckily all the important stuff was good!! XD hahah I had to throw out a lot of the candy... but The Pictures were safe!!!!!!!!!!!! XD 

I love you dad,

Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Kiribati Missionaries Christmas and PDay Fun 2017

Pictures Uploaded by Sister Larkin, wife of the Mission President