Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year from Tarawa!

Dear Mom,

Well the new Year!!!!!!!! Crazy how fast it's gone!!!!!! I cannot believe it!!!! Big changes and plans for the New year! Keep in mind all of the changes you want to make and use the Atonement to fulfill those desires.  

I'm sorry that you have a headache.... that sucks..... Pray hard.  I got my package and I was absolutely excited!!!!!!! I was so happy to give out the candy and presents to everyone!!!! Thank you so much for that protein and blender bottle!!! I really want to get into being healthier... I am trying to cut out candy, cake, and that kind of stuff. I have not been doing so well... and the culture makes it so difficult to not over eat! hahah Let's just say when I get home I DO NOT WANT UNHEALTHY FOOD!! I will need your help, I want to eat so much healthier.  I feel so much better when I do! I loved the package you sent me! Those pictures were perfect!!!!!! I absolutely love them! They are now in my bag so that I can show them to everyone around me!!!! hahah I passed out the candy to all the kids of the families that we teach. It was awesome! They all loved it so much.  Working with a native (Elder Kaibakia) I have learned so much when it comes to loving the people, and I have seen a huge difference.  When I have been following his council and teachings about the culture and how to act, I have seen a huge difference with our people!!!! We have been asked for blessings, we have received referrals without asking for them, and the members trust us more.  Not that they didn't in the past, but they are more willing to trust us now.  

Lessons this last week have been AMAZING! The only problem, I wasn't as obedient with my studies with how many Missionaries have been in our house.  I have been distracted, and I hit a rough patch where I got depressed..... and sad, which resulted in me not having the drive to go out and find as much... I still worked hard it was just different. When I did a self check I realized that was what I needed to change and started focusing and better studies.  I started having a lot better time and I wasn't as down.  I loved it!!!! I am glad!

Dad only asked me a little bit about transfers but not too much! My comp just changed as of yesterday to Elder Jubeck.  We are flying out on Sunday and this is one of the Best outer islands there are!!!!!!!! There is power, internet, and even apples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooooo pumped! I am really excited to get out there! I can't wait.  I have met a lot of people the last couple of weeks that live out in Abemama and they have a ton of stuff to bring to their families.  So I have a few referrals for when we go out there.  One of the Ladies we teach here in Eita, her name is Taungare, and she is sending Christmas gifts with me.  And as we were teaching her one day I told her that I am learning Kiribati dances from Elder Kaibakia, and I am planning on learning more for when I go out to Abemama.  When I told her this she said that her family was really good at making the Outfit for the dance and she would tell her family to make it for me!!!!! I am way excited!!!!! XD 

This Christmas was such an amazing time this year!!!! I learned so much and felt like that I was truly able to celebrate the birth of the Savior by following the Life of him and I was really given the opportunity to receive the help I needed.  It was rough a couple of times, but I was able to talk it out with President, and other Elders in the house! It has been fun, but I am ready for everything to get back to normal... hahaha a lot of Elders are pretty crazy!!! hahahaha

Anyway, I love you mom,
Happy new year!!! ,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

(Hello in the New year!!!!)

Well tiabo 2016 and Mauri 2017!
This is it a huge mile stone.... black out year is over................WELL THAT SUCKS!!! I absolutely hate it!!!!! Why in the freaking world is the time going so fast?????? So Last night at our fireside with President Haleck, President Larkin took me aside and told me that there were going to be some changes in the transfers that would affect me.  He told me that he prayed about it and Elder Taylor is no longer going out with me.  Instead I will be working with Elder Jubeck.  He is absolutely the Bomb!! He is the same intake as Elder Sangapolu! I am really excited, but really sad that I won't be working with Elder Taylor...... Also one other change... I am not flying out until this Sunday. But I am okay with that because that gives me a little bit more time to Say goodbye to all of my people here!!! 

I absolutely LOVE this time of year!!! I too took the time to write down my goals for the rest of my mission and for my time when I get home.  By doing that I have really studied the making goals section in the Preach my gospel.  One of the Biggest things that I've learned during my time of being a missionary is making and achieving goals.  Making goals needs to take time and long thought, and along with that we must include our Father in Heaven.  So during our training with President Haleck we had the time given to us to have a question and answer segment.  Because I just wrote out a bunch of goals I asked him What we could do to always remember our goals and actually fulfill them.  Not only did he answer but so did his wife, President and Sister Larkin did as well!!! What they said was amazing.  -the main is to write down the goal, and hang it up where you can see it. -review it regularly, daily -think about what changes you need to make -what resources can you use -focus -effort -re-evaluate -writing the how tos -report to the lord -ask the lord what components effect the goal and make him apart of the process.  Something that I have also learned during my studies of Goals is that We have to use our smarts..... Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic, Time specific, Stretches us.  And to make a goal we must first come up with a vision for ourselves, write down any obstacles that could prevent us from achieving them, how to overcome those, and then write out a detailed plan.

Well cool facts about last week, the President of Kiribati invited all the missionaries to a Party to celebrate the new year! We got crowns ate a ton of food, danced, watched Kiribati dancing. It was so much fun!!!! XD

For Christmas, I got a box for my scriptures made out of the Pandanas leaf, One of those shirts that have my name sown on the side from Elder Kaibakia.

Oh and I got my package!!!!! Thank you Soooooooooooooooo much!!!!! Except the thing that sucks.... It was held together by suran wrap... the box was moist and everything in it was waster damaged! ahahahah Luckily all the important stuff was good!! XD hahah I had to throw out a lot of the candy... but The Pictures were safe!!!!!!!!!!!! XD 

I love you dad,

Love your son,
Elder Johnson

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