Monday, January 9, 2017

Abemama Island, New Island, New Companion

Dear mom,

Well things are going absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so freaking happy to finally be  out on an outer Island.  I was known by all the missionaries in the field as "the one elder who hasn't been out!!!!" hahahahah It is so beautiful here!!!!

I am so glad that Dad is finally getting a calling that makes me so happy!!!

So one quick thing that if you can send out as quickly as you can I need  a couple of things.... a pocket knife, a fixed blade and a machete if there is any way you can send those out to me that would be very much appreciated!!!

Oh man that Harlem shake!!!!! hahahahahah couldn't stop laughing thinking about that!!!!!! hahahah

Mom, I love being a missionary and I am so excited and ready to get out and go to work!!!!!!!! I still have ages and so much that I still need to be doing before my time is up.  No offense but I love it so much that I don't want my time to end..... I am excited for what the Lord has in store for me, but missionary life is what makes me happier
than all other things.... hahahahaha

I am happy that everything is back to normal! It feels good, it was way hectic and crazy to have that many missionaries on Tarawa at once!!!! hahaha

Anyway, my journal entry for the week is from Thursday, January 5th: "Today was a blast! Plus it was a very successful day!  It was so awesome!!  I woke up at 6:20, worked out and got on my journal. After the journal writing I got on my studies.  Studies were amazing!  I have really been trying to focus my studies a lot more on our investigators.  As I have been experimenting with this, I've noticed that our lessons are a lot more powerful! 

Well I started off reading my book of Mormon, then I continued to follow my set schedule for my studies each day I have a different  set schedule for what I am going to study that day.  when I git my thirty minutes of Book of Mormon studies I moved on to my Old and New Testament studies.  I have a goal that I will finish both by the time my time is done.  Well companion study we spent the time talking about our investigators.  We really spent the time on Naeke (Tirine's husband)  We decided that the best lesson we could teach him was the restoration lesson.  

When studies were done, we got out the door pretty quickly.  As we walked we came in contact with one our investigators on the street.  We told them we would meet them later to teach them.  I love walking this area
because it is so much easier to contact people!!  Just by walking and talking with everyone we picked up three new investigators!  

Today was so awesome ! Because we were walking we were an hour late to our lesson with Tokanuea.... Teretia got on our case big time! ( Our member present)  XD whoops!  We just went over the baptismal interview questions to figure out whet she remembered.  She did pretty good, except she needs a review on a couple of commandments.  Uatiti is an amazing 12 year old kid. who really really gets our lessons.  He remembers everything, and he really loves Elders!!!  

So today we had 3 potentials from tracting yesterday, I honestly thought they would fall through. To my surprise we taught all of them.  Our first potential was Iotebwa.  He is a 22 year old guy who at first I didn't think was going to be that into our lessons. To my surprise we showed up to our time and he was asleep.... Oh great I thought he's not going to get any of this!! We really focused the lesson on the life of the Savior.  He just lit up.  At the end of the lesson he explained how because he just woke up he had nothing on his mind.  As we taught he said we filled his mind with purpose!!!  Such an amazing lesson!!  

The other lessons were decent but the 2 that topped them all are the lessons we had with Tirine,Rerei, and Naeke. Tirine and Rerei didn't seem like they were that into the lesson like they usually are, but we did our best to follow the spirit.  We taught on missionary work to which as we were teaching , Nei Teretia started to cry.  She explained to us that we answered her Prayer!!  How cool is that????  

Our last lesson of the day was with Naeke... we decided that we needed to teach the Restoration lesson... That was the most powerful lesson I have had in a really long time!!  As I spoke I was bold but I could feel the truthfulness of what I was saying.  As I testified of that 14 year old boy seeing God the Father and the Son, it clicked for me that this is why I came here.  I came here to help people realize that God hears and knows our prayers, He knows us by name, He is there for us.  I know that God the Father and the Son love us... And I know that Naeke felt it as well.  We closed with a kneeling prayer and he sincerely asked if it were true.... So amazing!!!! Great day! 

I love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Well I love it here, the cool ocean breeze, the palm trees enjoying the Islander Life...... flipflops and coconuts......... hammocks and the fresh fish............... I'm having such a hard time here........

I am so glad that you got a calling... It is about dang time!!! That is so cool that you are in the Elder's quorum, I think that will be really good for you!!!! Just keep the elders interested..... DON'T JUST READ FROM THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate that!! it is soooooo boring! hahah

I did not hear about Keith! That is soooooo awesome!!!!! Tell him congrats!!! I am now on the Island of Abamama!!!!!! So awesome, yesterday I had to conduct and preside at church! XD The last villiage of our area is an hour bike ride from our house!!!!! hahahah so awsome! It is soooo clean and beautiful here! I will send pictures, and yes I have already taken a video tour! I flew in yesterday and got straight to work! THIS PLACE IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Island is the best for food and cargo, but as for sleeping I'm on the ground, I poop in the forest shower with the bucket and have to bike a lot! I love it!!! 

My comps name is Kray Jubeck.  He is sooooo cool from Florida.  He spear fishes is in the airforce, likes to fish wrestle, dive, hunt crocodiles. and a lot of stuff! I love him!! 

Well I have only been here for a day now so I don't really know much, but I have some good visions! NOt a lot of work is going on in our area which is the south, but that will all change!!! We are just going to light this area on fire!!! 

One more thing I thought I need a hammock called an EMO they are way perfect!!

I love you dad,]
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

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