Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy on Abemama

Dear mom,

Well, this place is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it soooo much!!!! This week flew by and I cannot believe that I am already on the next week of adventures!!! It really scares me because time is flying  by so much faster than any time in  my mission thus far............ I really don't want to come back...... I know that sounds horrible, but missionary life is too good.... I don't have to worry about anything other than sharing the gospel to those around me.  This place is so clean and beautiful!!!!! I love it so much XD 

Thank you ;so much for ordering that stuff for me! I really appreciate it!!! XD I can't think of anything else that I need thank you so much for being willing to send stuff out to me.  Oh you know those 12 step addiction recovery books?? do you think that you could send one of those out for me I feel like if I studied it, it will help me to really help these people overcome their addictions. and more cards with instructions for card tricks??? People love that stuff!!! hahah They love it even more out here on the outer Island!! XD

I am so glad that you ;are having so many great experiences while doing your calling.  Not only you but Ana, Josh and Kaleb will all be blessed for your service.  You are such a spiritual example to me!! I love you mom so much! I will really try to watch that video.  I love learning from the Savior's example. I have been reading the new testament to learn more from his example.  I love it so much!!

well my journal entry for the day is from Tuesday January 10th"
"Well first full work day!  Let's just say that it was by far one of the craziest work days of my mission! XD  So I woke up at five fifteen to do my work out which was way good!  They have this stick that if you put two cinder blocks on the end it makes are really good bar for "weight lifting" XD I did a bunch of different things that really caused me to feel it later on in the day! XD  Well when I was done, Elder Jubeck and I went on a run on the beach.  I came back got showered with a bucket and got writing in my journal.  I wrote for a little while, then I read my  Book of Mormon and tried to catch up as much as I could on my journal writing. Unfortunately, this took up my personal study time... but I know that once I get caught up it will be a lot better.  Today Elder Kennedy and I were working together, and because of this we did companion study out on the hammocks, right by the ocean!  We spent the time talking about overcoming addictions and then told me a way cool story about when he said in temwaiku during Christmas.  He told me that he taught the wife of a man we taught when he and I were together.  That guy just recently passed away.  Due to this fact his wife wanted to know know if she would see him again!  Way awesome!  When nine o'clock came around it was time to hop on the radio to send in stats.  This mission is insane! We have to use a c/v radio to send in stats and needs!  Well we got to talk with all the outer islands Tabiteuea north and south, aranuka, kuria and one or two others.  The session way way long but it was cool to talk with everyone out there.  I told them that one of my needs was to never come off! XD  Well this is where this day gets amazing.... Elder Kennedy and I walked to where we picked up our ride for the day.... ;A motorcycle!!!!! XD  No other mission in the world!  It was so much fun! I mean I'm a missionary riding a motorcycle! Lessons today were way awesome! We made it down all the way to the last village where we taught quite a few amount of people.  Our first lesson was with this old man who is from the 7th day Adventist.  He kept telling us about how similar we were in beliefs and I testified of that, the spirit was way strong.  We decided to teach restoration.  I explained how strong his faith was and how wise he was and if he used that knowledge he could receive an answer if our lesson was true.  The guys name is Beiteke.  The rest of the day was great! I learned how tho drive the bike we hiked 10 minutes into the forest where we met this family who were members.  They were very talkative and I told them that I was adopted to Kiribati and they totally believed me!  Well time went quickly and it was time for us to head back to Kareantebike for the temple prep class.  We got there pretty early so Elder Kennedy and I went to a fishing store to buy line, hooks, and a bouy for fishing! They are going to go out to an islet out here tomorrow and were going to fish on the way out there.  After we met the other two Elders at the church mwaneaba and Elder Weenig and I hoped on the motorcycle to pick up their clothes in the Northern side of the island.  It turns out that I actually met this guy in Temwaiku! His name is Tikaua what are the odds??  We came in sat down and drakk, then we tried to get going, but the motorcycle wouldn't start because it was out of gas... At least we got to his house before we got stuck in the forest. We sat in his house while we waited and hour and a half for someone to get us some gas.  EVERYONE WAS OUT!  hahah During that time Tikaua showed us some magic tricks with cards and we just talked.  After a while we got a small amount of gas, got down the road and asked a house for help... they then took us in the direction of where we came from where we met a lady who was very nice to help us, and found out she had lessons before! We bought gas and got home! What a crazy day!!!
I love you mom!!
love your son,
Elder Johnson


How is travelling??? That is so cool that you get to see all of these amazing places!!!! Meet new people! I just love talking and meeting new people and I love helping them... That is why I think that I am going to do something different so that I can do that everyday.  I feel like I want be a health Nutritionist or go into health and nutrition.  I just want to help people on a one on one level!! I was talking about it with my companion........ I just want a job where I can help people on a personal level... and I feel this is something that can not only help me to enjoy my job, but to give back to all that the Lord has given me. 

Yes you can help the missionaries when you travel, but think of all of the people the Lord is putting in your path for you to affect in some way or another.  Something that I heard an apostle does every time that he travels is to help him find the TRUE reason that he is traveling, I'd like to challenge you to do the same thing.  I know that you will have a more enjoyable time when you travel and you will help mom to have an easier time when you travel 

When I read that letter, I felt so good.... I don't think that the other school is for me... I felt the spirit so strong that that is what I needed to pursue.  I don't know why but I feel really good about that I have some great plans for what I want to do with my life, but I still got a lot to do here! 

The work here is great!!!! There are so many amazing members and missionary help.  There is one branch, but the problem is the island is so big that we just have a ton of different sacrament meetings.  This is where on of our goals come in that we get a car for the church and give someone a calling so we can do combined church and get Sunday school and relief society and Priesthood classes going!
we have a goal for an increase of 10 at church every month 2 bap per companionship, and a lot of other cool things in mind. At this time the branch is going to be reorganized because the branch president just moved... so The second counselor in the mission is coming out this week to do that. 

Elder Jubeck is the man!!!! We get a long so well. Plus we have a lot of bike riding time to talk about ourselves, he is so cool!!!!! I love working with him.  This last week I didn't get to work with him because he and Elder Kennedy went to the outer islet and Elder Weenig and I worked together.  He is way cool to! I love it here so much!!!!

boiled well water, less food, but still a ton! I am eating a ton of rice because that is the only thing that makes me full... so I think I'm gaining a little weight.... I hate it! hahah I am still way overeating too!!! hahah Our Island is one of the closest to the main island so it is pretty good on cargo!! hahah we get apples, juice and cold drinks, just no power in our house! XD 

I love you so much dad!,
love your son,
Elder Johnson

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