Monday, August 29, 2016

Working Hard in London


Yes! I am glad that my package finally got there and that everything is safe!  I am glad that you liked the pictures! I am sorry that I don't send very many..........  Thank you for putting that stuff away, I will probably try to send home another shortly... XD 

London is amazing!!!! I am seeing so many miracles happening it is ridiculous!!!! The Lord's hand has definitely been seen in my time here in London, and the thing that sucks is..... time is going by even faster here!!!

The area is a busy town, so people are always moving around and not staying!!! It is the complete opposite from Banana! but I love it!!! 

I know that you will kill it in your talk, whenever you speak I feel the spirit so I know that others will feel that spirit as well!!! Just be you and trust in the Lord he knows what is absolutely best for you, I know that you got called to calling you are at because of the Talents that you have, so be you!!!! I love you so much!

I love that comparison with the telephone, it is nice here because people aren't always on them..... but not too long ago they just came......... now people aren't as caring...... so I want you to know you know how before the mission you said you would put me on that plan with the smart phones when I get back....... I don't want that.... I want a button phone that has the ability to text and call and that is it!!! hahahahahahahah no phone, I have seen a drastic difference and I do not like it!!!! hahah all I want is something that can text and call and then something for music! hahah 

It is true though if we treated the Book of Mormon like we treat the phone the world would be so amazing!!! 

Let me know how your talk and Allie's talk goes!!!

I love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson 


London is going amazing!!! This last week we got 37 lessons, so the vision that President Larkin gave us of 30 a week is definitely possible, Elder Gilbert and I have only been here a week now and have been working hard to reach our own goal of 45 lessons, we believe that it is very possible.  We found out that the best days for work are Saturdays so Elder Gilbert and I have decided to wake up early, get studies done so that we can get out of the house by 1030, last Saturday is where we got most of our lessons.  We continue to see many mighty miracles... it is nice to have a ward mission leader to help us find members, this next week we will be getting in a lot more.  

As for investigators one of the best is this Lady in her mid thirties, whose name is Ereateata, every lesson she takes notes, she prays, reads.  She was a referral from a member, and when we first met her confessed to being a smoker but wanting to change her life.  We just taught word of wisdom and she is following the plan we made for her really well!! She already has a testimony and knows all of our lessons are true!!!

Elder Gilbert is great, he is a little timid on certain things such as making eye contact as he teaches and being confident with his language but is doing great, he has a great drive and is just as willing to be exactly obedient and shoot for just one more lesson.  I have been trying to do a lot of role play with him to get his confidence up, and I am helping him as much as I can with his language! He is quiet a lot of the time so it is hard to know if I have offended him or is he thinks I am drilling him... I really just want to help him as much as I can... I just hope I am doing alright. 

As for me I am doing well, I am still improving in the Language thanks to the Lord, and am trying my very best everyday.  I have fallen short a couple of times by ending the day a little earlier than we should have... I feared that if we went to one more lesson then the members would be mad that we were late... I know know that I need to fear God more than I fear man.  

Funniest probably that we went tracting and we went up called into the house then 2 dogs came tearing around the corner, I left my companion in the dust!!!!! Then Elder Gilbert says he felt we should go back ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  so we so back and it turns out the dog is like a million years old and just wanted to say hello... it turned out to be an amazing lesson with a deacon from the KUC church and she invited us back!!!

Most spiritual probably with everything......... the Lord is just allowing for miracles to happen as we are tying our best to be 100% obedient!

I knew mom would do great!! XD She always speaks by the spirit!!!!

Tell them that I wish them luck and that I love them!! Allie and Lucas that is!!!!

I love you dad,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

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