Monday, September 5, 2016

The Work Continues in London, Kiritimati

Dear Mom,

Please send everything food wise and and to Tarawa... I am just worried that I won't get any of it... like my flash... maybe for this package, just send the tools and everything else in the next package... I am just worried.  I just need shaving cream and deodorant.  My Glasses work until next month!

Lessons are amazing the area is on fire right now!!! Well we did it!! Elder Gilbert and I along with the lord were able to reach our goal of 45 lessons and even exceeded it a little bit! The area is going well, we are continuing to find new people, getting more member presents and trying our best to get this area as good as we can. It is hard work but I am loving the challenge. The branch president just decided to move church to an area that is going to make it a little more difficult for our investigators to come to church since it is a little farther away, but we will find a way around that! I am loving the work here in London, the members are helpful and very nice, it is a little difficult through the week since everyone is moving around... but we found out Saturday's are our days!! We have been starting work earlier on Saturday's and it has been really helpful!

Elder Gilbert is continuing to make huge improvements, not only in confidence, but spiritually and mentally. We make a great companionship. He is all for being 100% obedient and for me pushing him a little bit. I am having him lead as much as possible and speaking as much as possible as well. He is an amazing person!! I love working with Elder Gilbert!

I'm doing great, I had a rough spot last week where I was thinking a little too much about future events that don't matter but I managed to get through it! I am loving the work and enjoying working hard. Our investigator I told you about last week, Ereateata didn't come to church, but did fast and didn't smoke all day we are so happy for her.
As for our other investigators most of them are showing great progression!!!

I knew that you would be amazing at your talk!!! I know that Heavenly Father helped you and guided you in what you needed to say!!! At times Satan wants to drag us down as much as possible especially right before we are about to do something amazing and full of the spirit!

I love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Dear Dad,

OH MY GOSH I DON'T THINK I LAUGHED THAT HARD IN A LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahah that is so funny!!!!!!

I was about to say that the whole AC thing is I HAVEN'T HAD IT FOR LIKE A YEAR NOW!!  hahahahah

Elder Gilbert and I are getting a long great!!! We are kicking but at the cooking, We exceeded our goal of 45 by 3 lessons, and I am loving being a mom, (follow up trainer)

Most spiritual moment this week  Our investigator I told you about last week, Ereateata didn't come to church, but did fast and didn't smoke all day we are so happy for her. As for our other investigators most of them are showing great progression!!!

Funniest moment, We had an investigator who can literally teleport. We told him to stay put, we were gone for 2 minutes to confirm dinner and when we came back he was gone.... we then busted a move to his house which is like a 5 minute bike ride and he was there laying down WHAT!?!?!?!? hahah

Language I feel a lot better about it!! I just have to keep working on learning new words!! My accent is better then before.  I am loving everything!!

sorry it is short we don't have a lot of time..

FYI Please only send the tools here I don't even want to risk it,
because packages that come here don't go back to tarawa... it is too

I love you dad,
Love your son,
Elder JOhnson


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