Monday, September 12, 2016

Exceeding Goals Expecting a Transfer


I am doing amazing, the Area is great and is going very well Things in London are going very well, we are seeing great progression with our investigators. Elder Gilbert and I are using more object lessons in our lessons and are seeing some better results. We are trying to make each lesson specific to each investigator in order to not be teaching the same lesson the same exact way, and by doing these things is helping our investigators. Ereateata has fasted 2 Sundays in a row and came to church yesterday, which is the first time that she has been to any sort of church in almost 8 years. We are continuing to see great miracles and help from the Lord.

Elder Gilbert continues to show progression, he is a great missionary! He is making huge improvements on the language and in the missionary work. He is very supportive of the work and is just as willing to give it just that little extra push. We haven't had any problems, except for little arguments here and there, but even then we are able to get over them quickly and realize that Satan is trying to cause contention.

Personally I am doing great, I have been receiving help through prayers and fasting and Elder and Sister Pilkington. I am loving the work here and London and I am excited for whatever adventure the Lord has in store for me 

Living conditions are great!! I love our house we have every cooking thing we would ever need!!! Water we have 24/7 well water, so we filter it and then we boil it.. the house is probably the best house on Kiritimati so it is sick!!!!   

Happy Anniversary by the way!!!!!

Mom, I love you so much and I appreciate everything that you have ever done for me!!! 

Just pray for me and I will pray for you I know that the Lord is looking out for both of us!!

Love your son,
Elder Johnson 


Well that sucks that everyone is sick...... how are they now??

No word on transfers yet, but I am thinking this week or next week we will know for sure!!! President Larkin wasn't able to make it to Kiritimati so I  may never be able to ever meet him! hahah XD 

Goals last week we exceeded 45 lessons........ we hit 48!! this week we were just short, it was a hard week as well for us a lot of wandering around and stuff! London is completely different culture wise, everyone is busy it is so weird!!

Funniest thing of the week is We went to an investigators house last night and when he told us to come in we told him that the door was locked, and instead of unlocking it just there he walked out the back door came to the front, checked the door just to check we weren't lying, then walked back in and unlocked it! He just disappeared in front of our eyes it seemed like! It was crazy!!! hahah

Most spiritual, We started teaching a new investigator who told us on our first visit that he already prayed about Joseph smith and knew he is true! He is a little deaf so we have to shout our lessons at him!! XD also our investigator Ereateata came to church yesterday! She even participated in sunday school!!!! XD 

Happy Wedding Anniversary!!!!!

Cannot believe how fast time is going I hate it!!! XD

Love you dad,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson 

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