Monday, September 19, 2016

Burned Feet and The Walking Dead

Dear mom,

First off I want to apologize for being horrible at writing letters the last few weeks, from this point on I am going to try my very best to give you guys better emails!! ahahah so little by little!!! That is a saying they have here they use all the time teutanna mwiin teutanna!

Transfers are not official yet and they happen on the 6th of October, but I have heard rumors that I am going to an outer Island training, not sure who, or where of even if that is the plan but if that is the case I am white washing an entire Island! so we will see! 

Honestly the work is going so well and I am loving every single minute of it!!!! It really does help that I am getting along with my companion. He speaks exactly what is on his mind and I love it because it really helps me to know what I need to work on! He is a great kid, and He is doing Amazing!! hahah As for the object lessons we've been using anything to everything we can think of, we are having a lot of fun making up different object lessons for each lesson we teach.. We find with the culture here it really helps them to remember what is taught and to have a lot more fun with the lessons!       

I am glad to hear that the package is on it's way, my glasses are on the last legs and my backups are too blurry to get much use out of them, they just give me a headache!  I want to thank you guys so much for always being willing to send me the things that I need! I really appreciate it!!! 

The Area is great we are getting more and more people every week and are really seeing some great things happen!! 

I definitely agree that you need the right balance of fun and hard work!! For if you have to much of one and not enough of the other you will have regrets later on in life!
Will you get me Ally and Lucas' emails please I would like to talk to them!

When exactly is your anniversary? 

I love you mom, 
Hopefully it is a little better than before! My email that is. 

Love your son,
Elder Johnson 

Dear dad, 

So I made A promise to mom that I would be a little better at emailing so I am going to give it a shot.  It's not like I don't like emailing its just that I just got into things pretty good, and I feel like it is all old news! but I know it's not so I am going to try a little harder.  

It sounds like you are staying just as busy as ever back home, I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't recognize a single thing in the house by the time I get back with how much stuff you guys are doing around the house!!! Not only that, I don't even recognize my siblings with the pictures I've seen lately of them!!! hahaha Where did my family go?!?!?!? hahahah jkjk Time does go too fast..... It is really scaring me, I am now at the Point Elder Carrington was at when I started making jokes about him going home and he not wanting to!!!! Now I'm getting the taste of my own medicine with Elder Gilbert making the same kind of jokes!!!!

As for ana just shave her head and make her do her creepy minion laugh!!!! XD that should  keep the boys away! hahah

Kaleb has changed the most from what I've seen he's getting so big!!!! man so crazy what just a year can do!!

I can get my package any time it comes in because the lady you send it to lives in London so I will be able to get it!!

Okay it's been long enough now that I will tell you.............. I AM GOOD NOW DON'T WORRY  At the beginning of August right before the senior couples came we were cleaning out their house and the way you take care of trash here is take it to the back and burn it.... so I was taking the trash out, and lighting it on fire.... well since I thought it was going to be fast I wasn't wearing shoes but I heard the voice 3 times saying put your shoes on, well I didn't listen...."no it'll be quick!" well the wind blew the fire went in the direction of the houses so I ran around with a bucket of water to kill it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand stepped on a flaming hot tin can that was sitting in the fire...... and it got so swollen I couldn't stand... and so this is the first impression the Senior couples had of me......I couldn't wear shoes and it got 3 giant blisters one that covered my entire foot...... so I was down out of work for 2 days so it wouldn't get infected.... hahah but it was good, I had some good down time with the Senior couples! 

now I have some pretty gnarly scars! XD but it is good now... but now I have fleas, so taking care of that!!

Okay so a crazy fact London literally has more bars than downtown salt lake.... and they are positioned in a circle around our house, so all hours of the night we have drunk people shouting and screaming! Luckily we have a fence and we lock ourselves in at night, I kind of feel like the walking dead! XD 

As for police.... a lot of them are members and are very laid back, I don't know what they do all day because there is absolutely NOTHING that happens here! haah usually they just deal with drunk people, who are a story all themselves... they come up to you and in broken English say "i'm sooory" and grab your hand and do one of two things kiss it or put it to their forehead.... so awesome! hahah

Love you dad,
Elder Johnson  

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