Monday, September 26, 2016

New Glasses and High Spirits

Jeff with his new glasses.

Dear mom,

First off I did get the package and I LOVE the frames that you guys picked out I love them so much!!! I am also glad that most of the stuff that was in there was for other people and not me! Just a question, did you guys send some rules to some magic tricks to do with cards??

Thank you so much for the fruit, I love that so much!!!! It is perfect!!!

Okay I decided that something that I am going to do from this point on is pick a day from my journal from the last week and write it out for you guys.

'Today was a super awesome day! I just cannot believe how unbelievably fast everything is going! Woke us and did a normal routine then Elder Gilbert told me his idea was for the new oven we just got..... cinnamon rolls!  XD So we went for it, but we studied first, which went really well, Elder Gilbert wanted to study asking inspired
questions, which turned out really well, we really need to work on that.... We endeed up making two big cinnamon rolls, but they turned out a littles solid... we gave 1/2 to the Pilkington's who said the same thing, but they also told us they were Tasty!!  After, we got out and our first lesson was with Monekiti!!! So awesome!  We sang I am a
child of God together then we taught Restioration, which was a little rough because the people next doorweree playing thir music very loudly... but when I tried Sister Pilkington's advice to sing (I sang Joseph Smith's first prayer in kiribati)  The music next door stopped it was so cool!  When that was done we taught Meetin, who was very
distracted... we then taught Konono. I sang there as well, I am seeing some good stuff coming out of that.  After I sang they participated very well.  The only thing is sometimes in lessons they get very distracted.  After the Lesson we went out to get our bikes and Elder Gilbert's bike was stolen!!!!!!!!! Then Bwatirio, one of our investigators started laughing... He just hid it!!!! ON the way to Tennessee I 'raced' Bwatirio he was on his motorcycle and I was on my bike... I was crusing, winning even, I left Elder Gilbert in the dust!! XD but then he kicked it into gear.... Kaibeariki, the kid we were going to teach wasn't home, but the house next door was a less-actives house and they were home.. The guys name is Tannako and I forgot his wife's name.... the wife converted him and when they got
married he dropped drinking!!! Funny side note, Tannako was talking about sharing their pumpkin to families around them and he said the reasoning for them giving hem away is because if they ate them all you would have to poop a ton!!!! hahaha He then reenacted going to the toilet!!! XD any way, when we actually got into the  teaching part, they told us that they have been trying to have kids, but haven't been able to ... and the only reason they told us they haven't been to church is because they sleep in... When we shared our scriptures I felt prompted to promise them that if they start doing those things to please the Lord, he would bless them with kids.  The rest of the day went great!!! Our last lesson of the day was with Ereateata, we just sang together.  We taught her a new song, and we found out The KUC church is using  Count Your Blessings from our hymn book!! hahaha  So
amazing After we went to confirm our dinner, and they gave us freshly cut Karewe a kiribati drink which I absolutely LOVE.  Dinner was amazing it was with a less active family NANA who made banana cake battered fish, steamed fish, grilled fish fish fish fish XD... We played cards with the kids before it was all ready and 2 of them were twins so I kept joking to them that they should play rock paper scissors to see who was really born first!  I also joked with them saying whoa there are two of you!!! hahahah At the end of the dinner they made us take all the cake......... wow, it's just the culture to eat a lot I guess!  Oh I forgot in the middle of dinner a lizard fell
on my head it scared me so bad!!!

Anyway hope you liked that!

You can never to do much when it comes to helping others... I just wish the people here would trust us enough to let us do more!!

I love you mom,
I am doing a lot better now, I asked Elder Gilbert for a blessing and it really helped!!!

Love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Goofing off with the kids!

Got the package and I love it!!!!!! thank you guys so much it is all I needed and then some!!! No word yet on transfers..... I'm thinking we might be told today!!

I don't remember saying anything about outer island traning... you're getting too old ol' man! XD hahhaah
I know, I just was praying last week and asked what I needed to work on, and one of it was send better emails to your family, so I am trying to make them a little longer... it's a little hard though! XD

Well I am glad that everything is going well back home, I have been praying for you guys and even asked the other Elders in the district to do so as well!!

(Note from Dad- I asked Jeff what most people did for a living in London.)

Well, most people here work in the government building since it is in London, but there are members like Rodney who sells Lobster to Hawaii and the rest of America, and every sunday we eat with him and every sunday we have Lobster... and yes I am bragging... and yes it is fresh... Others sell small fish to people in America fro their fish

Oh and FYI i am getting really good at cooking fish, the other day I made fish head soup! I am learning some great skills from Elder Gilbert, his dad was a chef back in the day!!!

Most spiritual experience we had this week would These investigators Daisy and Norma, who are a family that we have been teaching,  the first thing that we did was teach them to make a custard tart, which they were very happy about... we then had an amazing lesson on prayer where I found out that they do things differently than I thought (here they are roman Catholics they praise and pray to mary/ statues) but they only do that at church when they are home they pray normally... any way, I bore my testimony on prayer and the spirit was so strong I shared a couple of examples like Joshy and how I've been praying for him and then praying for rain when we were out of rain water.  at the end Daisy, who wants to be a nun, closed in prayer, she called us their friends and prayed for us
and asked that we would have the strength through the times we are persecuted... and when she ended the spirit was so amazing!!

The funniest was probably the less active in mom's email who enacted out pooping XD

(Note from Dad- I asked Jeff what he has learned from each of his companions.)

Elder Vula How to have fun and work hard
Elder Seguine I learned that the Atonement is not just for sins
Elder Kennedy I learned how to be happy though everything and working your hardest to accomplish your goals
Elder Carrington the true meaning of missionary work
Elder Miller, how to make lessons specific to investigators, and how to connect/imbrace the culture
Elder Darm how to forget and forgive and see the best of people
Elder Hunter how to be humble
Elder Ellis the improtance of helping others and showing your love for them
Elder Gilbert how to cook, how to accept the Lord's timing and howthink positive

Love you dad,
Love your son,
Elder johnson

Elder Ellis, Elder Johnson and Sister Wamura celebrating 1 year in the field!

Using the CB Radio

Elder Johnson and Elder Baker

Elder Johnson and Elder Baker

The Christmas Island District

PDay on Christmas Island.

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