Monday, October 3, 2016

Splits and Transfer Details

Dear mom,

First I love the sandals, I don't think I am going back to regular shoes ever again!!!!! hahahah
Don't worry too much about the magic tricks it's not a huge deal!! hahah

 I did a cool new thing this time for conference, that is I chose 5 questions I wanted answered and each talk I tried to listen for the answer to each question.... I liked this a lot better, because I left it up to the spirit to teach me. And yes I got to watch conference... started at 6 in the morning! XD but a member has a satellite at his house with BYU TV so he allowed all of the missionaries to come and watch conference.

Monekiti, Konono and Meetin are all boys, and they are all around my age if not a little older.  But we just have to keep thinking of different ways to keep them involved with the lessons.  And the lizard that fell on my head is just one of the few animals they have in Kiribati.. hahah it gave me a startle that is for sure!!! hahah

As for my journal entry it goes like this:

So today was an absolute blast!  So I woke up, did a chapter in the Book of Mormon and got a text saying that we were doing a split and that I was supposed to bring my sleeping stuff and as soon as I got the text  The Pilkington's showed up  to pick us up because they didn't get my text about how the guy came and gave me my carvings! 

So I had to throw my stuff together quickly. we got dropped off at the church and we got to talk to District Leader Elder Parry and Elder Baker.  We were all super excited today because it is the day for transfers!!!! XD  When we got to Banana we started pretty quickly. 

We were a little bit disappointed to find out we couldn't find out about transfers because the MTC was having some issues that is affecting the mission so the Pilkington's couldn't tell us.... That's okay!! 

District meeting was very fast but amazing, there was a lot that was said that helped me a ton as usual!!!  At the end we found out that the person I was splitting with was Elder Baker!!!!!!!!!  SO AWESOME  I can't write everything about their people because I don't know enough details, but it was amazing! 

The main things that stood out are as followed.... we went to find the guy Ieremia, whose wife I met in London, he has a cancer that convers his entire mouth and is about  and inch and a half off his face. We introduced ourselves and asked him if he wanted a blessing and he said yes. We explained to him what it was then gave him a blessing.  His name is Ieremia  Tentau... the words I said amazed me!! I felt so strong for him that I shook and could barely speak... I told him that the Lord would lighten the pain and that everything was for us to learn and that it would stop.  I don't know what I don't know how, but something amazing is going to happen to that family.  I met a lot of their people here in Tabwakea and they are all solid! My favorite was this guy in his 60s who was so solid we taught on the Book of Mormon and we gave him one and he told us, "I always wanted one, but I was afraid if I asked them for one of theirs they wouldn't have books to do their teaching."  At one point we got to  where I was bearing my testimony and he cut me off to say " E bong!!! ieera kam aki reireinai ngkai e tei tai???" or its dark outside... Why didn't you teach me when it was day!!! hahahah crazy man!! 

At one lesson we taught Christ's church and Elder Baker showed a picture of Moses as a review of Prophets and Moses was holding the 10 commandments and on the commandments was reformed Egyptian so I made a joke and asked him if he could read it and he turned to me and said this guy knows my problem... pointing to elder Baker... to whom he told me he couldn't read!!! CRAP!!!  At one point we got up on the giant yacht across the street from the church and took titanic pictures!!! So funny!! 

Dinner we went to their branch President's house where we ate 1/2 a bucket of ice cream because he keep force feeding it to us.... even when we told him we were done!!!! Then he showed us the program for Saturday's activity for the relief society which says that Bill Kingston was presiding (they literally think Elder Pilkington's name is Bill Kingston.  We then went to Gamespot (a store in their area) for some snacks took some pictures on the motorcycles then went to go pick up sisters from their lesson since there are a lot of drunk people in their area at night.  Back at the church we joked with "Bill Kingston" then went to bed! What a great day!!!!

Love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Dear dad,
Okay as for Ana, shave her head.... at least until I get back she is too pretty...... I almost didn't recognize her!!!

I was able to get the guy his carving kit he was so happy, I even filmed it so you guys could see it one day!!! Oh and I sent home my fishing pole today, here is the tracking # since yes I will be leaving
Christmas on the 12th of October...cp 000039655 Union postale universelle

So we got told transfers today I am leaving and I am training a new missionary his name is Elder Jackson.... but the only thing that I am disappointed in is I am not going to an outer island... I am going to be working in Eita... but the cool thing is I get to stay in a house with Elder Hunter!!!!!! XD a little disappointed, but I know there is a reason for it! As for Kiritimati big things are coming and sisters are taking over London... so the Elders coming back with me are Elder Gilbert and Elder Parry! Oh and Elder Ellis is becoming the zone leader... Kiritimati is becoming a zone!!!!

I am going to miss Kiritimati so much.... it is literally so great here!!! I love it... I hate leaving areas it is probably the most difficult thing ever.....

One thing I think I've learned the most on Kiritimati that God Knows what is best.... that is pretty much the biggest thing!

I love you dad,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

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