Monday, August 1, 2016

Changes on the Horizon

So first thing is first, how did your birthday go??  Did you get a letter that I sent??  If not, you should be expecting one!!! hahah
I just want you to know that I love you and I hope that you had a good birthday.

We actually found out that I am not moving to London until next week on the tenth.  That is when the senior couples, sisters, and Elder Ellis' new companion comes in.  That is 3 weeks that no elders are going to be working there... I am so nervous.... but I have to say, I had the same kind of experience you did.  Right before I found out where I was going I was praying for my next area to be difficult.  I too say be careful what you wish for! hahah XD London is a lot more modernized, there are houses (not as nice as what you would see in America though) and a lot of businesses.  From the Elders past experiences there, the work is rough... but I'm going to go in there and light a fire under that area!  My house is the best on the island, other than the nice house with hot water and air con! XD so I'm nervous but really excited!

That is so crazy how that works because I just finished the Book of Mormon too!!!!!! That is so amazing! What was your favorite story?? I really liked of course Abinadi and Captain Moroni, but this time the last chapter in Moroni really stuck out to me, Moroni's people have all died so everything that he wrote was aimed directly to us!

That flash drive will work perfectly!!! It is even better than a external drive it is more compact!! Great idea!! as for things I need...  more dried fruit that was amazing! I only need deodorant and I am good on clothes, and toiletries... the only other thing I can think of is Advil I left mine on Tarawa... and the Tylonol here is way expensive!!!

The backpack is great!!!! but I don't know about the whole water proof thing... it hasn't rained in a way long time!! XD hahah sooo we will see! But I am sure it will do great!!!

Pretty much all of our investigators are progressing.. except for one thing... they don't come to church.. please just pray that they will develop that desire to go to church!

And are you serious about getting called to 2nd counselor to the Stake Young Womens?? That is insanely awesome! I can't think of anyone better for the job!  The Lord definitely works in mysterious ways! I know I've challenged you before, but the preach my gospel has some really amazing things in it that will help you with different aspects in your calling!

I love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Missionary work is great, funny story for the week, so we were sitting in this lesson teaching this 10 year old kid out of the Book of Mormon and all of a sudden we hear him say te minita or the minister!  Crap... this lady walks up from this brand new car and starts interrogating the kid, you want to be Mormon, yeah??  What are you teaching them... we explained to her that we were teaching out of the Book of Mormon, then this big guy walks up and turns out he is THE Minister over the island and starts going off about how they don't teach our people.  Then the Lady started calling the kid her thing.... and that he had to give back the Book of Mormon because it confuses his head.. So after Elder Ellis and I stand up and start introducing ourselves and she cuts me off and says e rabwa te kaitibo pretty much thanks but no thanks then says they only believe in the bible, so I started bearing my testimony that we believed that the bible was true but that the Book of Mormon had the FULLNESS of the gospel! XD When she made the kid return the book I tried to offer it to her and you should have seen the look on her face!!! XD hahahah  As she was walking away I yelled at them We love you guys! (Ti Tangariingkami!) then they told us to leave their sheep now and then drove off but just far enough to watch us... We stayed and played cards with the kid just to show we weren't intimidated.  

The funny thing was the dad was there, and when we first got there he told the kid to prepare the mat for us to sit on to teach him!

It is just crazy to see how Satan would actually run things, off of fear and telling us lies to trick us into the wrong thing.  The funny thing is that gave this kid a stronger desire to learn and he had another book of Mormon that I told him to hide and read which he agreed to do.. And it worked out because we had an extra book of Mormon for one of our later lessons, we had forgotten to grab new ones!

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