Monday, August 8, 2016

A Little Longer in Banana

Dear mom,

Things are going great, I found out that Elder Dale, who is just coming out of the MTC to be trained by Elder Ellis is sick and isn't getting to Christmas for another week.... so that is 1 month without elders in London, so I am really nervous about that!!!

Health is doing great! I don't have any problems and as for anything else for my package, we are good, I have EVERYTHING I need clothes shoes and missionary wise, just Advil, and fruit stuff... I honestly would rather have healthy stuff than junk to be honest!

That is pretty crazy that it has been so quiet at the house!!! hahahah I cannot believe Josh wouldn't take you up on the offer to do jobs for money!!!

Mom, I know that you are the woman for the Job, you were called of God and you will be qualified for this work remember that all you have to do is pray and it will all be alright!

I love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Kay , quick question... any word on the Package from Jodi??
So Elder Ellis's kid (his trainee) got sick in the MTC so it is pushing transfers back a week..... so that got me pretty nervous not having Elders working there for 1 whole month, we are going to start pretty much from scratch!!! So I am pretty stressed too...
I've heard that you guys are attacking the basement Mom sounds way stressed!!! hahaha
(Note from Dad- I shared my primary lesson with Jeff, about Nephi in the Book of Helaman standing up to the mobs even though it could cost him his life.)

I love that story! I know that the Lord has our backs 24/7 and all we have to do is be bold! It's a lot like that minister story I told you about, we are now having so many struggles with people from the KUC church we have spies, we are losing investigators.  It is because they run their church off of fear, but I know that there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop the work, all I have to do is let the Lord do his work!
The work is going great!!! We have so many solid investigators and they are pretty much on track to be baptized.... no baptisms the rest of the time I am here.... BUT Elder Dale will have some good ones set up for when he come to work with Ellis!!! We even had 5 of our investigators come to church!!!!! Also all of our investigators trust us and are very open with what sort of troubles they have.
Most spiritual.... probably district meeting again, we each shared our favorite talks and I shared the one that best helped me when I first came out... An high priest of Good things to come by Jeffrey R. Holland, and the spirit was so strong that I cried and several of the other Elders cried as well!
The funniest thing that happened is probably....dinner last night there was this cute little boy who is about 1 and he has this "scary" face that is so cute, and all night after dinner, I pretended that I was scared and he just laughed and laughed! 
I love you dad,
love your son\
Elder Johnson

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