Sunday, November 8, 2015

Getting his footing on Tarawa

To Everyone,

First off let me apologize if I can't email everyone individually. That is why I do this big email that talks about my week. We have to pay for the internet, and there aren't very many computers, so I don't stay on for very long. 
The same is true here in the mission field as it was in the MTC, the days are long, but the weeks are super short.  This week has been crazy! We stay super busy, we teach a lot of lessons to less actives and returned missionaries who have sadly fallen away, but they have been great.  I get to shower everyday with a hose through the window. 

We have found 8 new investigators and gave five of them baptismal dates.  The ones we gave dates to all came to church yesterday, it was really amazing.  We have a baptism this Saturday, and I get to be the one that does the baptism.  His name is Beiateuea.  I am so excited, he is a really good kid.  He lives with his aunt and uncle, who are members and also our landlords.  They are super nice. 

Lots of Rain in Tarawa

Two really funny/awesome stories of the week.  Thursday was our service day, and what we did was super cool! We helped a guy named Tio chop down two huge coconut trees with an ax!! super awesome!
After they fed us pancakes, rice, corned beef, and get this... hot chocolate.  Crazy!!!!
Mighty Rat Hunters

Another funny story, is our adventure with rats.  Elder Seguine and I were about to sit down and do our planning when we saw a HUGE rat.  We chased it around and I grabbed a two by four and Elder seguine came out with a tie on his head.  I ended up killing two.  It was so funny! We both reacted in such similar ways.  We spent the night cleaning out their little home, and threw the bodies outside, the next morning they were gone!! Some cat came and ate them.  It was bad!

I love it here, the people are so nice, and I have so much to look forward to. 
This last Sunday, I got to bless the sacrament again, I messed up and had to start over.  I still don't quite  have the pronunciation, but it'll come with time and with the Lord's help. 
That's all I have time for now.  I love you all!!
Love Elder Johnson

Repairing the Roof on Neighbor's House- Beiateuea is on the roof

Excerpts from letters to Mom and Dad:

My companion is awesome!! He is super good at the language and he explains things in ways that are really simple, which is good.  We get along really well, and he is super funny.  Last night we kind of told stories, I talked about water polo and swim, and he told me about fencing.  Super cool!!

My first thought was that our house was super ghetto, but after seeing how most other people live it makes me appreciate it a lot more.   We have a kitchen and a bathroom, but we have to put the water in ourselves for the toilet, and have to shower from a hose hooked up to the well.  Super funny!

We teach a ton of lessons! We just got five that we set up with baptismal dates.  It's rough because people want to be nice and they invite you in to their homes but sometimes don't want to listen.. But the people are super nice.  There are times when I can pick things out, but they slur their words together and speak so fast so it is hard.  There was one lesson where we taught a less active and I shared my testimony, and Ether 12:27, and the spirit was super strong. 

The food is soo good, I don't know how to cook rice, and all I've eaten for lunch is ramen noodles,  and toast, please send me how to cook rice, and some creative things I can do with canned food.  I love the fish! I've had so much of it, and it's so fresh!! Last night they gave us cake and home made ice cream it was awesome!!!

That's all I have time for now.
I love you and your letter helped me a ton!
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

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