Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Wishes from Elder Johnson

Hello Everyone!

This week, I am not going to lie, was really rough! 
We have so many investigators that it is really hard to teach them all. It is crazy how prepared so many of these people are! They just want to hear the gospel.

On Thursday we got a Kiribati companion named Elder Kaakau, he is waiting to go to the MTC on January 12. He is going to serve in New Mexico. 

There were a couple of days this week where it rained all day, and not just rained, poured!!! It was really difficult because it makes the road really terrible to ride your bikes on  and absolutely no one is A) home or B)wants to listen.  This put us pretty behind on our lessons so we got to split with some YSA a couple of times this last week. In one of our lessons we taught this kid Moote, whose name in English is Moses.  He is 26 and he told us that he received a dream that he was the prophet. It was kind of scary, because his dream was exactly things that have happened through the restoration, just through false visions.  We went on to teach prophets and restoration and it was one of the most powerful restorations lessons I have been a part of.  We asked him to pray about it and he told us "I absolutely cannot do that."

This goes to show how the Savior's words in this last day are being fulfilled, In the last days there will rise false prophets.  I went back yesterday and as soon as Elder Kaakau and I sat down, we both felt we should leave right away.  So we did.  It was crazy!!!

The rest of our investigators are really solid,  they are keeping commitments and we are really seeing a change in their lives.  The work is hard but I see the Lord's help as we push forward! 
Wednesday night we had a birthday party/Christmas party for Elder Pulufauna and The Moroni YSA.  They made us sing a song and they had cake and ice cream.  I literally had so much, but I got super sick the next day because they didn't cook the chicken all the way...

Thursday, for service, we cleaned a well.  It was really nasty, and it kept filling really fast since it was high tide.  We had to take out bucket after bucket of water and scrape this green goo off the wall.  It was tough work but really cool!  Every time we do service, without fail, the family feeds us!  This was really difficult since I was sick from the chicken the night before and the food they gave us was soo good. 

The one thing that happened this week is my testimony grew about fasting.  I fasted 2 times this week and Yesterday I even fasted for a full 24 hours, and I have already seen the blessings that have come from that.  I know that if we have a trouble with anything and we fast the Lord will be quick to give it to us.  When we fast we show we want his help because we are giving up something that we need to receive help.  I know that it works.  I love this gospel!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you all!!! Remember that this season is about celebrating the Birth of our brother, savior and redeemer.   And he is Literally THE greatest gift this world has ever had!

I love you all!
Love Elder Johnson

Merry Christmas!!!
That is crazy that you have been a primary teacher for so long!  Time goes by way too fast sometimes! I know it has been here, it kind of freaks me out!!  I love those kids so much! Tell them hi for me and Merry Christmas!! Its amazing how at times we don't think that people are listening to our lessons and we quiz them on it they amaze us with how much they remember!  I have learned that so many times while being here.  At times it seems like our investigators don't listen but as long as the spirit is present, everything is able to sink in!

I am super excited to skype! I get to skype the day after Christmas here so it is Christmas for you guys.   I am super pumped!

I am definitely enjoying those things I was able to open now, especially the food!  It is the best! I already gave out all of my toys and I am constantly swarmed by hundreds of kids asking for toys! hahah Everyone Loves the magic too not just the little kids they think it is the craziest thing they have ever seen in their lives!

I love this season, and I love that I am able to focus on other things than the gifts and lights an holiday stuff.  I get to focus on serving others and help them come to know of the greatest gift the world has ever had!

This week is normal up until Friday and SaturdayFriday we get to spend all day at Moroni with the missionaries and the Senior couples are cooking us food for lunch.  We get to play games, have white elephant gift exchange, and maybe get to watch a Disney movie!!! whaaaaaat!!!?????  Christmas night we are spending it at a member's house (I might eat dog..........)  The day after is our skype time and then the ward Christmas party all day,  we are inviting our investigators I am super pumped, there will be dancing, music and food!!

I love you so much!  remember to take time to remember the true meaning of Christmas this Christmas season!

Love your son
Elder Johnson

Mom!!!! Merry Christmas in just a little bit!!
First I want to tell you that I get to email the day after Christmas here so it is Christmas there!  I am so excited!  I love you!

Mom, I am so proud of you for reading the book of Mormon.  That book has power, but I don't need to tell you that! You are already seeing the blessings that come from reading the book everyday! By reading the book you are showing our Heavenly Father that you appreciate his words and that you want to apply his teachings, and by doing so he will bless your life beyond anything you can possibly imagine!!

Just by doing a simple thing like reading in the Book of Mormon everyday led you to helping someone who needed your testimony.  Imagine what the Lord would do with you if you pushed yourself a little harder to follow more of his words.  I know that there is God's power in the Book of Mormon.  I have a strong testimony that the Book of Mormon was given to us so that we can be strengthened, so we can receive answers to questions and help other people in our lives. 

By the way, thank you so much for sending those magic tricks and toys for the kids! Everybody loves them!  Yesterday we got to teach the young men in church and we talked about Jesus' birth.  I tied in the atonement and I used the box that makes things disappear as  an object lesson for the atonement.  They thought it was super cool! 

I love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

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