Monday, October 17, 2016

Stuck in Fiji Again, but Bonus! Hot Showers!

Dear mom,
So a little of information, the area that I will be working is a completely different area that I have worked before, so I will have new people, but I am walking into a battle zone, the elders there before were up to 60 lessons a week, and all of them are with member presents.... I have to keep that going on top of training a new missionary! I'm pretty stressed about it... but someone from My Kid's intake told me that I would be perfect for Elder Jackson, my new companion! so I am really excited!!! XD 
So I totally agree about the whole "all things happening for a reason", because when our plane didn't go through last week, we got to stay at a hotel on Christmas island owned by members.  While we were there we met two older couples, whom we ate dinner and breakfast with every day, and while we ate, we got to talking about the church and by the end of our stay there we gave them Mormon pass along cards! XD One gentleman from Texas explained to us he has a lot of friends and has been meaning to read the Book of Mormon! XD Plus he is a chemical engineer, what I want to do when I grow up, and he gave me some really great pointers and explained about what he does in his job. 
Sometimes it is a little hard what we need to learn, but Elder Pilkington challenged me to pray every night at the and ask the Lord what he wanted to teach me for that day, and do that for the rest of the mission. And I would like to challenge you to do the same thing, everyday the rest of the time I am gone, pray and ask the Lord, what he wants you  to know/learn from that day. 
A couple things I would like in my Christmas package, I lost my key chain for oil.... and on it that leather key chain that Kaleb made me will you ask him to make me a new one and send me a vial but that is it.
I love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson 

Well Dad, 
As you know I am in Fiji right now..... hahaha I love It, I think that I am going to buy a couple of things that I need since they don't have them on Tarawa! XD hahah  I already bought a new football, because mine got ruined by Kiribati kids!! 
I don't have much to say except I got the best haircut in my missionary career!!!! hahah Things here are soooooo cheap! and this hotel is ridiculous. To give you an idea of how ridiculous, when we got dropped off, 3 people opened our doors took our bags walked us to the front, to which we were met by another worker who gave us 3 glasses of juice.  We then got escorted to our room on a golf cart!!! The whole resort is private property and is MASSIVE!!!!!!!! Oh man how I wish I could swim in that pool..... PLUS  It's beach front!!! and the Airline payed for $100 worth of money for our food, so you KNOW I'm taking advantage of that. They have a gym with free weights and treadmills that have downloaded screens of running trails all over the world! And best of all........... HOT SHOWERS!!!!!!!!
You know I would not mind coming back here one day! hahahah There are even a couple of members who are workers and are very shocked that we are there! XD
It's nice... I love it I just can't wait to get back to Tarawa!
Love you dad, Love your son,
Elder Johnson   

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