Monday, December 26, 2016

Short Christmas Letters and Lots of Pictures from Tarawa


Well This will be short because we have a lot planned today, but I had to get on to wish you guys MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you soo sooo sooo much! Seeing you guys was exactly what I needed.  And seeing Amy was amazing! Thank you so much for setting that up!!!

It was awesome to see everyone! Yesterday we went and had sacrament, ate lunch, people gave each other presents and opened the ones from home, and then we had a devotional for the light of the world.  I got asked last minute to do a duet with a sister so I sang in the choir and sang a solo in front of the President of Kiribati and even got a picture with him! It is way fun, but I am ready for it to get back to normal, our house is a mess, and we don't get to bed on time and there are a lot of elders who like to do their own thing! XD''

hahahahahahahah Oh my gosh that picture is absolutely the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

So I talked to president and he really helped me out, I am going to be working on a few things that should help with everything!

any way I love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson


Christmas was really awesome!!!! But I am so glad that it does not snow! I absolutely HATE THE COLD!!! It gets anything lower than 80 I'm freezing!!!!! hahah

Christmas was awesome!!! We had sacrament combined with 3 wards, we ate lunch together, American food!!!!!!!!!! But I waaaaay over ate! hahahah I am worried about that for when I get home! XD hahaha way tasty!!! Everyone talked and opened presents, and just hung out until the devotional.  The devotional was so spiritual. I already told mom,but I got to sing.  The spirit was so strong just singing about the savior! Amazing!!!! I even got a picture with the President of Kiribati! Me in the bow tie standing next to a Kiribati guy XD how cool is that!!!! It's great to see everyone!

The 70 doesn't come until Friday! I am pretty excited!

Are you serious about that tree??? that is so cool!!!!!

Sorry it is short, I want to get to the P-day fun!!! XD hahah

My new companions name is Elder Taylor and is from Minnesota! That is about all I know about him! hahahah We are going to Abemama. I am way pumped and we leave next week!

I got way lucky with internet! The internet cafe is closed and the Store called I-mart has a back office.  We explained how today is Christmas in America, so they let us use their office computers!!! So awesome!

I love you dad,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Elder Johnson with President Taneti Mamau, President of Kiribati

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