Friday, September 11, 2015

First Letter Home!!

Mauri! (Hello!)

I mararung! (I am doing good!)

I've officially made it through the first two days! It was crazy and exciting all at the same time! Thank you so much for the letters you sent me they really helped a lot.  The first day was intense,  (just like circus fires), the first thing we got was a bag with all our language study manuals and stuff, and I swear it probably weighed at least a million pounds.  My first class was language, it was a little over whelming, I walked in and the teacher was speaking Kiribati and handed me a piece of chalk telling me to write.  That was pretty scary.  I love all those who are going to the Marshall Islands with me, we all clicked really well, and my companion is literally the coolest person ever.  

My companion is a lot like me and we have the same interests so we clicked really well, I forgot my thing to upload pictures and I can only get on for one hour on P-days so I will send you one next week, (sorry Kaleb!).  But everything is going well and I have had multiple spiritual experiences that have surpassed some of the ones that I already have had.  

Today we got to go do a session at the temple.  It was the first time for one of the sisters in the Kiribati group so that was special.

Tiabo!(Good bye)

love your missionary, 


Elder Johnson

Dear Father, 

Ko Uara? (how are you?)

I'm doing amazing the spirit is soo strong here I love it. Every class or lesson I have been apart of I have learned so much my brain felt like it was going to explode! haha but it has been good. I have had a few opportunities to put up sticky notes so that was fun.  I love my companion! we are going to have a blast learning the gospel and the language!

I know that because I am out on a mission you and the family will be blessed more than you ever know. We had the opportunity to answer questions for real investigators on the first day as a giant group, and on the second one the girl said she didn't quite understand sometimes why bad things happened, I had the impression to share my experience about my trials and applied it to the scripture you gave me Ether 12:27.  Then I went on to explain that we need difficult things to happen to us so that we can be made stronger in the lord's hands, it seemed to really touch her it was amazing!

I love you! Love your missionary 


Elder Johnson


Amber also received a wonderful email from Jeff that was personal and spoke directly to her greatest fears of sending Jeff on his mission. 

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