Sunday, January 17, 2016

Let Your Light So Shine...

Teaching a Lesson by Lantern Light

Hello Everyone,

Well I'm in my new area as of right now, Ambo baby!! It has been a crazy week!! 

Elders Whitehead, Johnson, Carrington and Alixa at a Botaki in Ambo
My new area is amazing, my companion Elder Carrington is great, and I get to live with the West Zone Leaders Elders Alixa and Whitehead.  It has been a blast.  Our area is a walking area and it is literally HUGE.  We barely even put a dent in our area.  We have a lot of super great people that we are teaching, it is going to be an amazing 6 weeks!!

As of right now everyone in our ward, and even some of our investigators think that I am the son of WWE wrestler John Cena, thank you companion and zone leaders you are the best!!  

"Elder Alixa told me I wasn't down to get up
and dance in the middle of a performance so I did...
that's when the party started baby"- Elder Johnson
I don't have a ton of time, but I am doing well.  Not sick yet, working hard and am seeing the Lord's hand in my life like crazy.  

I know that the Lord watches over each and everyone of us, even when we don't necessarily feel like he is there.  Sometimes, we don't receive an answer right away it is because the lord wants to see if we have the faith necessary to keep going and work for everything that he can give us.

I love you all!  

Elder Johnson

Elder Johnson and Carrington at the Botaki


It sounds like things are going really well back home, except for a couple of drama moments!! ha-ha I love that you are having all these cool experiences running into all these missionaries in the airports, having spiritual experiences.  Just remember that as you continue to do everything that you can to serve the Lord first and think of the Lord first everything will work out just fine. 

These last couple of days I have read things about families, and understanding the plan of salvation.  I think it is something that you would really like.  They are in the young women section in the April conference of last year.  It was really interesting what they talked about, and they both said stuff along the lines of preparing your family and teaching the family now in order to prepare them for when trials come later, I just wanted to let you know that I am very grateful that you have raised this family right, and you have taught me to hold to the rod.  The one thing I got out of this was just to make sure that you are doing those things to help strengthen the family spiritually, family home evening, prayer and scripture study.  I have learned while being here that those things will help strengthen the family so much, that when the storms come, nothing will knock them over!!

Family that believes Elder Johnson is the son of John Cena!
So I am going to start with the funniest story, so we are living with the West Zone Leaders, Elder Whitehead and Alixa, and they are super fun and funny!  Except they like to mess with people.  So everywhere I go they tell people that my dad is John Cena the WWE wrestler, and these poor people believe them!  Someone yesterday even went as far as to ask me to train him.  I'm just nervous cause some of these guys are really big! ha-ha  So now the whole ward thinks I am John Cena's kid thanks to my Lovely companion and Zone Leaders... 

 Okay now for my spiritual, So this last Saturday we had our first baptism and our investigator,whose name is Betero.  I had to baptize him 3 times because he wouldn't bend his knees and the water was really low.  After the baptism he bore his testimony, he's probably like in his late sixties, and he started to cry.  In our lesson with him yesterday he asked us why he cried, and I bore my testimony that crying is one of the signs of the Holy Ghost.  I said that there are times when I have felt the Holy Ghost so strong that I have cried, and as I was testifying the spirit filled the buiaa (there little hut/house things)  It was a really cool lesson, plus we got to teach by lantern light sooo sick! ha-ha 

Book of Mormon stories: I know that the Book of Mormon is the true word of god, everything that we teach as missionaries are within the pages of that book, and if anyone is confused about our teachings I know that they will be able to receive the truthfulness of all of our messages if they just read.  I know that the Book of Mormon is the most perfect book on the earth right now!

I love you dad,
Love your Elder,
Elder Johnson


The kids love the Elders!
Things are going amazing right now!! I have loved every minute of working as a missionary even though at times it has seemed super tough.  I know that I am doing the Lord's work and he is guiding all that I do.  My new companion is really cool, we hung out every p-day back in our old areas so we already had a pretty great bond going.  His first name is Scot and his birthday is the same day as Dad's, February 8, sick huh??   He has been out for about a year and a half so he is like pro at everything and he has already taught me so much! 

Our area is HUGE!!!  I've been here a week and we haven't even begun to scratch the surface. It looks completely different than my old area, and it's a walking area.  That's cool because I get a lot more time to talk with my companion.  Our area is right by the government building which is a really cool building!  

Kids of Ambo
Your experience about the work is so cool!  It is amazing what the Lord will do if we just let him, I know that you have been receiving your answers because you are doing what the Lord wants you do be doing first, reading the Book of Mormon.  Now just imagine what the Lord will do if you try to be exactly obedient, doing everything that you can to serve him, remember him, and stand for him with all of your heart might mind and strength.  I know that the Lord has countless blessings that he is just waiting to give us.  All we have to do is work for them and ask for them.  I love that you are reading everyday, because I know I have taken enjoyment out of reading and I have had many prayers, questions answered through reading the Book of Mormon.  

I loved Trek so much!  (Amber and I have been asked to go on Trek with the youth of our area.  It is a re-enactment of the Mormon Pioneers crossing the plains to Utah.) You guys are going to have a blast, two of the activities I really enjoyed were making the flag with the family and making comfy seat covers for the buckets!  

I love you so much mom, 

Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Elders Kennedy, Kaakau, and Johnson- Elder Kaakau heading to New Mexico

Saying Goodbye to Temwaiku

First baptism in new area- Elders Johnson, Carrington, Whitehead and Alixa with Betero

Elder Carrington and Johnson writing home.

Large Bowl of Rice at the Botaki

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