Monday, January 11, 2016

Noticing Miracles in the Little Things

Elder Johnson Teaching Investigators How to Tie Ties


First off, sorry that this email is going to be a little short, we have very little time because the power was out at the internet café, and they only gave us 45 minutes in Eita, so if I don't get to everything I apologize.

I haven't transferred yet,  I leave tomorrow, so I will let you know as much as I find out during in this week!!

This last week we have seen sooo many miracles.  First off the Lord helped us to reach our goal of 70 lessons for this week.  Our zone leaders were so excited for us!  Another miracle is my language has made a definite improvements.  I don't know a ton of words, but I feel like I can teach most of the lessons, and I am starting to be able to throw in my own flare. 
Market on Bobwai

Two of our investigators have also seen the miracles.  One fasted and was able to find the strength to not smoke, for a whole week now!  Another told us that he knows that all of our lessons are true because he had a dream where we came and taught him, and after two men in white came and told him that all that we told him was true!!

I am so sad I am leaving this area when it is starting to be so good, but I know I am being sent to somewhere the Lord needs me to be!

I love you and I will write more next week!
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Enjoying an Ice at the Bobwai Market


My stomach is pretty much as iron as it gets.  I pretty much have no problems, except when I eat American snacks now! ha ha but I've been really good, I feel super unhealthy, and I am getting sick of eating the same thing everyday, but there is not much I can really experiment with. I'll definitely start asking around on how I can put in a little variety!

I'm not in my new area yet, I was supposed to leave last Friday, but one of the zone leaders didn't want to leave so early so they pushed my day back a week.  I leave tomorrow night... I'm super sad because this last week we saw a lot of miracles! 

It sounds like you are keeping yourself busy!  I love how crafty you are!  I honestly can't stay on, the power died at the email place and so we only get forty five minutes on the computers in Eita,  but know that I am so proud that you are reading and being an amazing mom!  I love you so much!  I know that as you continue to read every day you can overcome all things and continue to receive help from our father in heaven.  I know that I am getting lost in serving others all my problems are going out the window!! 

Again I am super sorry that I can't write more, but know that I love you and I continue to pray about/for your guys all the time!  Stay strong!

Love your son,
Elder Johnson 

The Slim Price Market

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