Monday, February 22, 2016

Cyclone Delays Christmas

Cyclone Winston has cancelled flights in Fiji,
delaying transfers until next Monday.
Elder Johnson is Transferring from Tarawa to Christmas Island
This is about the distance from California to Illinois.

Dear Mom,
Well, my flight for Kiritimati was supposed to be today.... buuuut since there was a cyclone that hit Fiji this last week my flight got pushed to next week on Monday.  At first I was a little disappointed, but now I just think I get one more week to work with our people!! I am going to try my hardest to be 100 percent obedient and work as hard as I possibly can to get the most out of this next week.

(An Elder from Kiribati will be going into the MTC.  We will be picking him up from the Airport, feeding him and taking him to the MTC.  We are really excited about this!)
Elder Nabaruru is flying out on the 7th and with the date line I think flying in at Utah on the 7th his day for the MTC is March 8th, but the Senior Couples the Jenks will shoot you an email with more details.  He's a little nervous cause I showed him a picture of dad with the primary kids and his beard and he said "e un" he's angry! (I made my primary kids fake beards in our last class of the year to match mine and we were posing with our "tough faces") hahah But he is one of my closest Kiribati friends, he doesn't speak a ton of English, but knows the basics. 

I decided it was okay if I gain weight while I'm here I know I'll have more time later to take care of it, even though it sucks, I just have to worry about what is most important; studies, and teaching with the spirit. I'm still going to try to eat less and work out but, a lot of elders and sisters gain weight. From what I hear, if you are used to working out everyday, you will gain, if you didn't workout you will lose soooooo yeah.

I definitely do believe that we are planting seeds wherever we are going, and I have definitely seen the Lord's hand in all of our work!

I am safe I'm working hard, and Love this work, I love you and Pray for you!

Love your son,
Elder Johnson

I was supposed to leave for Christmas today with Elder Miller who is finishing up his time out there but because of the Cyclone I have to wait until next Monday... I was a little sad because we essentially had a day and a half long p-day to do whatever we want in Fiji.  I was going to spend a night in a 3 and a half star hotel, and meet my new companion, but now I'm good! I get one more week in Ambo with Carrington!!

(I asked Jeff about Cyclone Winston)
The only bad thing is it has messed with transfers but we are all safe and good!

(From my letter to Jeff- I am like a fanboy following my favorite sports team, the Kiribati Missionaries!  I am tempted to make playing cards and team shirts!  (Only half joking!))
Please do make shirts and cards and send them, Everyone would LOVE them!! hahah
I'm not going to lie I miss swim and polo, I'm losing my muscle and continuing to see a difference in my face, but I know that this is just one of my trials, and as long as I work hard now, trust in the Lord, and then work hard later, the Lord will help me make up for it.  I know he is good for his word!

(I asked for new pictures, we have not received any new ones since he has been companions with Elder Carrington.)
I'm sending a package home with my full SD card so you will get all my pictures up until last Saturday.  Patience it a virtue! ;D

The most spiritual experience so far was probably yesterday.  We got to go to the Suva Fiji temple re-dedication, and we went to the first two sessions, the talks were all super spiritual, and just felt good. The second session was focused on eternal families, and the Plan of Salvation.  It really strengthened my testimony, and made me think how my mission now is preparing me for that time when I will be a dad.  That gave me the fuel to work hard and learn as much as I can!!

Coolest thing is after the 1st session I found another Kiribati tie, but this one is even more rare! It's blue!!! I asked where the guy bought it, but he said eh it's old we can just trade! sooo cool!!

Anyway, I love you, you're in my prayers, remember the importance of temple work and go as much as you can!

Love your missionary,
Elder Johnson

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