Monday, February 1, 2016

Staying Upbeat in Ambo

This week was another week that went waaaay to fast, except this time not a whole lot happened that was really note worthy.  It rained a lot, a lot of our lessons and back up plans fell through... but I was able to keep a pretty good attitude about it!
Two funny/cool stories, last Tuesday we went to an Elder's birthday in Betio, and I got up in the middle of a performance and started the party! XD aaaaahhhhh yeah! 
Wednesday, we had zone meeting and I slammed open the doors while I was singing frozen, tell the guards to open up the gates!!! hahah
Our investigators are doing really well, some make up excuses as to why they don't want or why they missed a lesson, because they are busy all the time.  It just makes me sad because they don't know what they are trying to get out of....
I know that the lord loves each and everyone of us, and he looks after all of us, we just have to turn to him and it will be all right! 
I love you all I don't have a ton of time but know I love and miss you all. You are all in my prayers!!


Elder Johnson


Ah man, I am enjoying the nice warm sun, with that nice ocean breeze, not missing the snow one. little. bit.  hahahah By the time I'm the designated shoveler, I will probably have forgotten what snow even is!! hahaha (Jeff is a punk, truth be told.)
Sounds like work is a handful as always, but I know that as you give the time to the Lord first, he will bless you with the patience and help you need for work.. I know that when I feel myself starting to get frustrated, or upset, I sing a song, and it helps me keep a cool head, and it helps me to keep a good attitude when things are not quite going as planned. There have been a couple of times when Elder Carrington and I got a little down because our investigators were making excuses of why they weren't there or why they didn't want lessons, or from our plans falling through pretty fast.  But I prayed on how I could help us stay in a good attitude, and I felt to start singing hymns aloud, and talk to Elder Carrington about my study in Jesus the Christ. 

We were able to talk things out and I was able to share my experience with Temwaiku where I would get frustrated really fast, and how I am quick to anger.  But Elder Kennedy always had a good attitude.  I have tried to apply that to my life and I feel like I have been pretty successful at it, I have noticed when you keep a good attitude about things and if you try your hardest to love others and worry about them you are more in tune with the spirit.  But when you allow yourself to be angry or upset, you miss out on teaching moments from the spirit.  I know that we can apply this to any feelings of frustration, stress or anything bad. 
For p-days we go to the stake center. They have an indoor gym, but nothing like anything back home, it's pretty fun, I pretty much ball people up left and right! haha XD
Elder Carrington is amazing, I have learned so much from him and we click really well!  We are working hard but I am seeing blessings in a different way here, we don't get in a ton lessons, but the lessons that we do get in are all people who are PREPARED for the gospel.  I know that the Lord definitely blesses us as we do our best to turn to him. 
I have noticed when we pray to the lord he guides us to those who are prepared, and are willing to accept the gospel.  When we pray I feel the spirit strongly that we need to go to a specific house, but we have to pray, come up with an option ourselves then listen to the spirit. 
The funniest thing that happened this week happened last Saturday. So there are a lot of dogs here and sometimes they can be pretty mean, so one time one was walking towards us and I lifted my arms to my side, and I wiggled my fingers and made a weird noise, and it bolted sooo fast! It was pretty funny, then Carrington and I came up with what it was thinking.  "oh look what a nice huma... wha what is, what is that??? Is it a transformer????" hahah
I love you dad,
love your son.

I'm doing amazing! I love being in the same house as the zone leaders it's pretty fun, but it can be pretty crazy at times! haha  Now there are five of us, one left for an outer island last Friday, and Elder Bontekai leaves today, he is going to work in Temwaiku until he gets his visa.  This morning we choreographed a dance for a Kiribati song for our next botaki that they ask us to dance... Let's just say I've got some good moves up my sleeves for it... hahah. We are together quite a bit except during lessons and when we have different dinners, but other than that we are together!. 
Mom, I am glad that you sent that quote, because there have been a couple of times where I haven't felt like I was a very successful missionary because I still don't have the language down very well, but I know that as I bear my testimony with meaning and I teach with meaning cause I will invite the spirit, and the language of the spirit is the same with everyone. 
Mom, I love you so much and I know that the Lord will continue to bless you as you continue to turn to him and keep his commandments, it only gets easier!  Remember the Plan of Salvation and if you gain a testimony about that you will know that there is a purpose for everything, and the Lord will never give us anything that wouldn't help us grow. 
I love you,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

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