Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fishing with President Weir

Elder Johnson Eating Beach Worms


I'm glad everything is doing well and all things are good, and I'm glad that you guys got my package!!

So I don't have a ton of time and I've got 10 other emails to get to... soooo I'll answer your questions real fast,

1) How is your health?  Any fungus, digestion problems, boils, leprosy, parasites etc?

Health is good, I was sick for a while, cause it is a lot hotter here and we are a lot closer to the sun, so I got pretty bad heat exhaustion, a few cuts and maybe one boil.... not sure yet,

2) Tell us about the members of your branch, are they supportive?  Do they help with missionary work?  How do you keep them involved?

The members here are way strong, the Mwanieba is waaaay big (the place we have church) and the members are really supportive, most of our lessons came from referrals!

3) Tell us a day to day thing.  Like bike repair, cooking meals, killing bugs, or something. 

Start off the day with a work out, change, write in journal, study, leave at around 12, bike for 20 to thirty minutes, yes our house is that far from our area... teach, dinner at 7, return.  If we have time we play a quick card game with our investigators, it's way fun!! It's exhausting but way worth it!

4) What is the most spiritual thing that happened this week?

Most spiritual was last Sunday, not yesterday, but my first Sunday, I was asked to talk in sacrament meeting, and I had no idea what on, so I just went with it, and I talked about the Book of Mormon, and the whole time that I explained what it was, and when I shared my testimony, I felt the spirit sooooo strong, it was amazing!!! I KNOW that the Book of Mormon is true!

5) What is the funniest thing that happened this week?

Funniest today, we went fishing with President Weir, and I prayed I would catch something, and when I got in the water with the pole, no joke I caught a decent sized fish within 20 minutes,(I'll send pics next week)  then I prayed I would catch one more thing before we left cause we were staying for a long time, and I specifically asked for a shark, (a lot of elders catch sharks) and I ended up catching... waiiiiiit for it..... a grouper... hahhah waaaay small!! hahah But hey I caught the first fish and the most so I'm happy!!!

6) What is the scariest thing that happened this week?

Scariest.....nothing really... Kiribati is chill.... there are really no problems! hahah

I love you! 
Love your son
Elder Johnson

First off I'm so glad that my package made it safe to the house, (Elder Johnson sent home a small package that included a some items he wants us to store for him, a few gifts and an SD card filled with pictures!  Made our week!) I was a little worried cause I had the zone leaders sent it for me, so I wasn't sure if it was going to make it there or not! I'm glad you like the shirts, I payed a lady trying to raise money for her daughter to go on her mission.  Hopefully they fit alright I just showed her a picture and she said OK! haha

It freaks me out how fast everything is going.... the weeks seem like days and tomorrow I hit my 2 week mark in Kiritimati.... crazy, it scares me how fast it is going.... it makes me really sad... but I know that I just have to serve with all of my heart, might, mind and strength and everything will be alright!  

The store JMB's is awesome!!! so cool they literally have everything that you could possibly imagine! ahhah and it's pretty dang big! I'll take pictures this week and send them to you guys! I left my sd card thing for the computer on Tarawa.... so I have to borrow Miller's or another elder.  There are a couple of houses at the hotel, but they are mostly rooms for vacationers who come here to fish!

Darm is sick!  He is such a hard working missionary and he connects with the people so well!!!  He loves card and board games, and I'm learning a ton of Kiribati ones! I'm gonna write down all the rules so that I can send them to you guys they are way fun!!

I know for 100 percent that we were supposed to be there, not a doubt in my mind, the Temple was just so amazing and you and dad should try to go as much as you can!! 

I am so glad I don't have to deal with all that worldly stuff yet!! hahah I remember when I would freak out at every little thing, 

Sorry it is short, we don't have a ton of time, we went fishing today, and we only get an hour!

I love that you continue to read, keep it up, and keep sharing your testimony!

Love your son,
Elder Johnson 

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