Monday, March 28, 2016

Bike Repairs, Fishing and Rough Roads

Elder Johnson Playing with the kids

Elder Johnson's first fish on Kiribati!  

Yeah, I'll be honest, I love all the fun Easter stuff, but It was nice not to have to focus on all of that stuff!!

Fishing was a blast!!! I caught a huge red snapper and another smaller fish called a grouper I think! hahah We let the guy whose poles we used keep the fish as payment for letting us use his gear!

Yeah he is, we think he might be leaving this next week, but we are not quite sure! But we know that he is going to Abamama, and my companion will be another kid from Darm and Kennedy's intake, Elder Hunter!

Transfers start this next week, and everyone else on the Island is staying!  Oh one quick side comment, one of the Elder's here is going home in May to Utah so I'm going to send a few things home for you  guys with him and I will see if you can meet him in the Airport or something.. they are just a few things that I want in a safe place and then a couple things for you guys!

My bike is a peice of junk! hahah I've had to do so many things to it, it has broken almost a million and eight different times!! hahah

Our house is way big and way nice!!! I love it, we have beds and even fans for when we sleep!! It sucks though cause we only have a flat plug in stove so there isn't much we can cook... I'm worried that I won't learn how to cook any thing on my mission!!!! there is either no food or nothing to cook it with!! hahah

Funniest story, probably when I was fixing our bike on the side of the road, and our investigator Tebwe was helping. A truck full of Imatang (white people) drove by and they screamed "MORMONS!"  They were not LDS hahah. Our investigator thought this was so funny, so now whenever we see him he screams MORMONS in this really funny voice!! haahha

Most spiritual, was yesterday, we had 3 men who are here for vacation show up at church who were not members and we translated for them, and the Guy who I translated for asked a ton of questions so I ended up giving him the links to and  After church they started walking in the direction of our house and we had a lesson that way.  I wanted to give them a Book of Mormon, but we only had one in the house. Luckily we got picked up by Elder Miller, and I prayed that I could get the book to them.. We saw them on the side of the road just as they were getting into a truck.  I had just enough time to give them the Book of Mormon! It was so cool!!!

The church is so true!

I love you dad, I'll send pictures if I can!

Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Second fish was not as impressive!

Flooded Road

Excepts from Letter to Mom, there were some sensitive things shared that we have kept out. 

You sent me letters?? I might get them on wednesday when the plane comes! Have you guys sent my package yet? My backpack is on it's last strings... hahaha

Oh dang! are you serious?? they were using it in Africa?? that's way far away from where I am!! I'm glad that the bank would call and that I was able to get my money back! that makes me happy!

That is true, as long as things get sorted out then it doesn't really matter, plus it is something that can always be made up for!! haha

I love this work, but I've been depressed and sick the last little bit.... Just pray for me!!!! hahaha everything is good!

Mom, I love you so much! and I know that you wll be blessed by doing what the Lord wants you to be doing!

I love you,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

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