Friday, April 8, 2016

No Ifs, Ands, Buts or Coconuts...

Mom and Dad,

First thing is first, things are better this week.  I know that the Lord has been there, and this week has been a million times better. Granted there are still some times when I am depressed, or sad, but when I start to work, all those things go out the window!!

(Note from Dad- I told Jeff of the many blessings we are receiving from his service out in the mission field.)

I know that you guys are being blessed every single day for  my service, I know because it is promised in the scriptures in many different instances and I see it when you guys write me every week.

I actually got to watch Today's sessions, a member in London has BYU TV and so we got to watch, we missed Saturday's stuff since we were working in Banana, so it was alright! I'll just have you guys send me the magazine when it comes out so that I can read them!!

Most spiritual moment was last Friday, we had the choice to go to London to watch conference on Sunday for the Saturday session, but we would miss a day working in Banana. I really wanted to go because I LOVE conference, so I was planning on being pretty insistent on going.  But I decided to pray about it.... I told the Lord that I decided to stay and work in Banana and I didn't feel anything until I told Elder Darm out loud, and I was overwhelmed by the Spirit.  Then Sunday came and It honestly sucked.  Moiwa, who had just gotten baptized the day before didn't come to church, no investigators at church and all of our investigators were home.  I was mad that we missed all of Saturday session for literally no reason. 

But then we went to Touatai and Kontiton's house.  Touatai is really shy and a lot of the times isn't really into the lessons, but today, we got her a little more involved.  The lesson was long, filled with the spirit, and I just kept
having scripture after scripture, ideas and examples pop into my head, that we used and had the best lesson we have ever had with them. There was the spirit, companionship unity, and a love for the people. It was AMAZING! If we would have gone to London, we would have missed out on teaching these amazing people, feeling the spirit, and helping them draw closer to God!

Funniest thing..... Probably our service last Saturday, we told our investigators that we would come to their house and oro ben which is cut and prepare coconut to dry and be sold for oil.  What you have to do is split the coconut in half with an ax then use a specialized knife called te kai ni katarin to scrape the hardened white meat out to be dried.  When we told them that we were going to do this they just laughed at us cause we were two white imatang teenagers that didn't know what we were doing and they didn't really think that we were going to show up. When we did show up they were shocked and asked us "are you really going to cut coconuts???" hahah so funny! It was difficult, but really fun and I got the hang of it pretty fast!

I don't even know where to start on how my testimony has grown, let's just say the church IS true, no if and buts about it!! hahah I will tell you what, I now have an unshakable testimony of Joseph Smith and the First vision.  Every time that I recite the first vision, I feel the spirit so strongly that there is NO way it is NOT true!!!!!!! I know for 100 percent that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, and he restored the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Earth.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true, no ifs, ands, buts or coconuts!

Random detail...... well every morning I wake up at six, and there is a huge concrete court five feet from our house that is about the same size as the track at the West Valley Fitness center that I run every morning, it's way nice!! haha

Thank you for all your help, and support through your emails, you have no idea how much they help! I know that the Lord has been there, and lets just say, I did feel your momma bear hugs!!   I love this work, and I love you, don't worry, I'm doing fine!  There are times when I feel depressed, but those feelings go away as I pray.  I love you keep up the reading and YOU WILL BE BLESSED!!

I love the drawing!

One of the drawings I sent to Jeff this week...

Love you Mom and Dad,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

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