Monday, April 11, 2016

Conference, Crabs and Christmas Island

Hi Mom and Dad,

I am so excited to get that package, thank you so much for sending it!! did you guys track it? Thank you so much for sending that stuff I really did need that back pack! hahah

As for your talk, I give you full permission to use any of my experiences as you feel so inspired by the holy ghost.  Tell everyone that I am so grateful for  all their love support and prayers that they have given me though all my time serving a mission.  We are all missionaries, the Lord doesn't just want teenage kids out there with name tags doing his work, he wants all his children to do everything that they possibly can in order to bring about the fullness of the gospel to all that they can.  Challenge them for me to find 1 person in their lives that needs the gospel, and share it to them, and promise them they will see the miracles that come from that. (Amber was asked to give a talk in church this next Sunday.)

Hahah oh man, Dad! I may not be able to make fun of you having to shovel the snow anymore, but "who let the Dogs out???" you you you you you!  hahahahah Hopefully the thing you are planning on doing with the dog
run works though!! hahah

(From Scott's letter- I told Jeff about our dog Porter biting holes through the fence, and then going across the street and opening the fence to the neighbor's house to let out his buddy Cooper so they could roam the neighborhood together.)

It's so good to hear that everyone is doing so well, that makes me so happy!

Mom is awesome!! she is amazing at everything that she does! hahah She goes above and beyond everything that she signs up to do, she just doesn't know how to say no, I love that about her!

I love that you guys are reading in the scriptures everyday, especially in the Book of Mormon, for that book is the only perfect book on the planet! I have received so much help and guidance reading
that book, and I know that as you guys continue to read it every night you will see the difference and the blessings that come from it.  Hold strong through the Isaiah chapters, it only gets better after, I just got through them last week. I have made it a goal to myself that I will read the entire Bible, book of Mormon, D and C, and pearl of
Great Price before I come home.  I have a lot of reading to do, but I am going to do it!!!

Our investigators are pretty good, it's been rough because this last week we have had a lot of them drop us... but there is this one couple that we are really close with.  Kontiton (conston) and Toatai. Kontiton is a less active and his wife Toatai is really shy, and really hard to get to participate in our lessons.  Yesterday, when we
taught them We got them excited for Baptism by telling them if Kontiton can get worthy, he can be the one to baptize Toatai.  I would just ask for you guys to pray that she sees the blessings and is able to participate more in the lessons.  They are solid but she is just so dang shy that it's hard!

Honestly we only have one neighbor, and they are Kiribati, and we never see them.... There are only 2 real houses the rest are just Hotel rooms that are a good distance from our house.  We meet tourists every once and a while on vac ation for fishing, but they are all extremely weird... hahah XD My favorite is going to the hotel Resturant and getting a TON of really good food for really cheap, but the people we meet are just kind of awkward to talk to, probably cause I have to speak in english to them! XD

I love you mom and dad, Thank you for all of the support that you give me!

Love your son,
Elder Johnson

They had a Crab Bake, Jeff really rubbed this one in to his dad.

Jeff's favorite store, JMB.  They get items from Costco shipped in from Hawaii. 

Watching General Conference

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