Sunday, April 17, 2016

Tiabo Elder Darm, Mauri Elder Hunter!

Tiabo Elder Darm, Mauri Elder Hunter

Things ended with Elder Darm really well, he headed off last
Wednesday, and my new companion came in.  He is awesome, we have so much
in common, and he is a way cool guy! His name is Elder John Hunter, and he
is from the same intake as Elders Darm and Kennedy.  He is from Salt Lake,
and went to Highland High.  He played football and was the Quarterback.

Bad Outbreak of Pink Eye on the Island

As for my health I'm good, there was an outbreak of some pretty nasty pink eye,
everyone got it and it practically swelled my eye shut, I'll send you
a picture later! hahah but it is gone now.  I got some eye drops that
took care of it within a couple of days.  Other than that, I have beka
nako (poop that runs) XD sorry but that's what it is called here!
Last day with Elder Darm

The Fiji airlines strike didn't affect transfers from what I hear,
it's gone pretty smooth from what I know! haha

I am so glad that Your talk went well and that you were guided by the
spirit so easily! It's amazing how easy it comes to us when we are
doing what we are supposed to be doing.  I know that Heavenly Father
will continue to guide you as you put him first, and think of him and
his son.
Jeff being Jeff

I love this work, I'm in love with Banana, and I am seeing amazing
things happen every single day from our work, whether that be
investigators opening up, keeping commitments, help with the language,
or whatever, it is amazing!!

I love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Elder Johnson and Elder Hunter- Service Cutting Ben (Coconuts)


It's good to hear that everything is going so  well back home!  hahah
I love to hear about everyone, 

I love working with the kids, it is so much fun, but it can be a
handful! I love it! The Book of Mormon is the ultimate book on the
face of the planet.  We just had our Book of Mormon lesson with, I
would dare say, our golden investigator.  His name is Nakaroro, and as
we were teaching he just had this hint of a smile on his face the
entire time that we taught him! I know that he is going to read and I
know that he is going to receive an answer that it is true!!
Dinner in Banana

I do have a new companion, his name is Elder Hunter, and he is way
sick!!!! We hit it off really well, he is from the same intake as
Elder Darm, and Elder Kennedy.  We have a ton in common, and every
night on our bike ride back to the house we have story time, and I
LOVE it!  I've had a blast with him so far!  Every lesson we teach is
full of the spirit, people pay attention, and he is a stud at the
language!  I'm still working in Banana, rumors are that I could be
here as long as October! Our goals is just to get more people, which
is hard because there aren't a ton of people in general in Banana...
but with the Lord's help anything is possible!!!
Hanging out with great family in Banana

Funniest moment..... Probably hearing one of Elder Hunter's stories on
the way home...I don't know if he wants me to share much but let's
just say I laughed so hard that I almost pooped my pants cause I'm a
little sick!! hahah
Elder Fonseca with Elder Beachum Hands

Most spiritual moment was when we taught the Restoration lesson to
Nakaroro, his face just lit up, the spirit was so strong that my hair
stood up on end, and in our lesson that we had with him after, which
was yesterday, he said he prayed about it, so that is why I know that
he is going to get an answer!!

Water is good, it comes from a source somewhere other than the rest of
the hotel, so there are some days when we don't have water, but the
workers at the hotel gave us a key to one of their rooms any time that
happens so that we can shower and stuff, which is super nice cause
they have WAY nice beds in there and an AC unit!! hahah but we have a
filter that has a hand pump where you just pump by using this thing
that looks like a TNT detonator with the box that you have to lift up
and push down! hahah and We do have a real shower, it is so nice! haha

I love you dad,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Elder Hunter- Service Cutting Coconuts

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