Monday, May 2, 2016

Pancakes, Palm Branches and Proselyting

Fresh new haircuts
It's weird to think that the school year is almost over! It felt like yesterday I just graduated, time goes way too fast sometimes.  

Its good to hear that everyone is doing so well, it makes me happy, by the time I get back Josh will be way buffer than me, then maybe he can help me get into shape!! hahah

Funniest experience from this last week is we have the COOLEST investigator EVER! I'd go as far to say that he is probably my golden investigator!!!! His name is Nakaroro, and he is SO freaking funny!!! hahah When we taught him the restoration lesson, he had a hint of a smile on his face the whole time and he just nodded and agreed to everything that we tell him, it is the best thing ever!! He prays everyday and reads in the scriptures. The other day we even ran into a problem, we realized the day we have him scheduled to have his interview is the same day that we gave him to quit smoking.... whoops so we told him on Saturday, if you want to reach your goal of the 14th of may for your baptism you need to quit smoking tomorrow.... and he said OKAY let's do it!!!! so we taught him about fasting, and he fasted like a champ yesterday!!! so sick!! Then when we asked him how his goal was for not smoking he said it was going really well, then at the same time a guy passed by the place we were teaching and he was smoking! and Nakororo turns to us, you need to go teach him that that's not good for his body before I beat him up!!! and he reenacted beating this guy saying don't you know that smoking is bad for your body?????? hahahaha it was so funny!!!! XD

My district is sick, we have two from my intake, Elder Berends and Elder Osborne,  then Elder Hunter and Parry who are from the same intake as well, Elder Fonseca, who just showed up a transfer ago, and Elder Miller and Beachum who are close to finishing their times.  Beachum leaves next Wednesday, and Miller has one more transfer left.  District meetings we take turns giving the trainings and Elder Hunter and I gave it last week, which went pretty well!!! For fun, we play basketball, ping pong, hand ball four square, or card or board games. 

I know that this work we are doing is true, and it is like I told mom, the closest that I will ever get to the real life!

I love you dad,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Soooo no other bowel issues, but I am getting little sores all over my legs and arms that are creating scars so that kind of sucks... but nothing that I can do about that, I'll just look like Frankenstein's monster the next time that you see me!! hahah I am having a really hard time with self control at dinners, I'm so used to eating whatever I want and as much as I want that it is a hard habit to break, I really want to get better at that so I will be good at it later, I'm praying for help, and I've set up a plan so I don't over eat, so if you wouldn't mind pray that I can have the self-discipline that I don't over eat?
Elder Hunter- Service Making Mats

Elder Johnson Making a Mat

Elder Hunter and I are doing awesome!!! we get along so well I love working with him! It is pretty ridiculous how much alike we actually are!! I love story night with him, it makes that really long bike ride go by really fast!! hahah I always love sharing my crazy adventures with my friends, Last night we shared best vacation and I told him Bear Lake and our little hotel room overnight trips we do every once and a while, and of course Disneyland with the family!!! hahah

The most spiritual experience this week is a lesson we had with one of our Less-actives, we talked about the importance of church, and I felt impressed to share about when I went to church alone.. and I don't know if you knew this detail, but there was a point where I told myself If I went two more times by myself I would stay home as well, but then you guys came! The spirit overwhelmed me and I was on the verge of tears.  Super awesome lesson, but then he didn't show up to church and it broke my heart! I just wish people would realize how much this gospel can actually help them!!

Thanks for being so willing to send stuff! Just send 3 shirts for now, I still have a few that will be good for a while longer!! and I am definitely good on pants!

Don't feel bad about the bag you had no idea, Osborne has one that is really good, but he doesn't know how much it is the brand is Ortlieb... so I don't know. 

I want to share you something that I think will help what I learned from Elder Osborne Last night as we were talking.  He told me, you know, a mission is as close to real life after this life as we will ever get.  The life after this is going to be completely focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping other people. Don't ever get it in your head that you are too kind or that you should learn to say no, because that is not what the REAL life is going to be like.  I have always appreciated your example to me on how much you have helped people, Keep doing it! 

I love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

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