Monday, June 6, 2016

Short and Sweet- Transfers coming up

Dear Mom,

I looooove Elder Hunter!!! but do you want to know what we found out when President Weir was here?? He is going to become District Leader when Elder Miller leaves and guess who my companion is going to be???? Elder Ellis from my intake!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that kid so much!!!!! I am sad to see Hunter leave but Way pumped to see Ellis! XD
I am so happy to hear Tommy is still going to Russia!
Okay you're a punk for ordering new sunglasses... but thank you! hahah I still laugh at who ever stole them I can see them passing around saying look if you put these on you won't be able to see!!!! hahaha
I am going to try to activate my card today but on a safer computer I'm pretty sure I got my pin down! that was pretty sneaky!

I love you so much mom,
keep up all the amazing things you do because you are the best mom in the whole wide world!!
Elder Johnson

This week has been absolutely insane!!! And it sounds like that is was pretty insane for you guys as well!!! hahah
I think the most spiritual thing that happened was one of two things definitely when President Weir came that man is insane, last P-day he talked to us about goal planning and how when he sold helicopters into the middle east he had a team of three, one of which spent the previous 14 years and sold 7 helicopters which isn't too bad with how expensive they were, he talked about developing a vision and you want to know what his vision was...... 525 helicopters sold into the middle east...... He then told us..." Of course we didn't quite make that goal..... we exceeded it just a little bit and actually sold 625" He then went on to tell us a ton of other things that could help us become better missionaries like focusing on specific investigators, it was like the sermon on the mount it was so insane!
I also had a really amazing study by applying what I learned from him, I decided to focus my studies 100% on one of our investigators, and I learned so many different ways on how to teach different lessons it was amazing!
Fishing kind of sucked... I had a migraine and nobody caught anything! hahah
There is one investigator who has gained his testimony but keeps telling us that he needs to make sure it's okay that he does certain things with his catholic leaders.... I'm just nervous because our first few lessons with him were soooo amazing, full of the Spirit and he knows they are true, but he is now making comments such as ti te ongora they are just to listen to right?? sooo
His name is Tiebu or Jeff in English!
I love you dad,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

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