Monday, May 30, 2016

True Happiness Serving the Lord


That is a pretty crazy week with a ton of stuff happening all at once!! It is way weird for me to think that there is another graduated class after me now... it doesn't feel that long ago that I graduated....
Yeah, it is crazy about Elder Seguine getting married, that was as big of shock as anything to hear, but get this.. Elder Openshaw who left 2 weeks ago is engaged and is getting married in July! HOLY talk about fast!!!
I will definitely pray for you guys, just remember the only way to receive true happiness is to continue to do our best in the church and all things, I would like to challenge you specifically to read the working with ward and stake leaders section in the Preach my Gospel book, I think it will really help to know what kind of responsibilities church members have!
Funniest thing was probably yesterday, my lower back was sore so I tried to pop it by leaning off the edge of the Bouia which is their little houses that look kind of like forts in a way, and as I sat up a fart snuck out! XD Elder Hunter just started dying... so did I it was pretty funny!

We have about ten investigators we are teaching, but they are all really close to baptism.  We've gone, I'm not even joking, to every single house in Banana and our area of work, our area is so darn small.  But we will keep praying and looking! XD As of this Saturday we have 3 baptisms set up we are pretty excited! One being Kitaa. And last Saturday, Teauatai the lady I asked you to pray about a few weeks ago!!
(I asked about the well they dug out last week.)
We only dug about 5 feet, it wasn't deep at all, but the ground was waaay hard, and that is what made it difficult!! It took us 3 hours of non-stop digging, only taking short couple minute breaks.

(I asked what his Sunday meetings were like.)
Sundays meetings are backwards, which is good, because even the most faithful members are an hour late and they all say Te Tai Ni Kiribati or Kiribati time! Our church building is under a huge Mwaneaba made out of coconut trees, which is like a huge pavilion! It's pretty dang cool!  For the most part they are similar to what we have at home, other than the occasional killing of a centipede, chasing out a dog, or a kid walking to the edge and peeing right next to all of us! XD
I love you dad,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson
P.S.  sorry I'm early we are going fishing with President Weir in a little bit and I won't have very much time later, if any at all...

It honestly really freaks me out to know that there is already another graduated class after me....  I feel so freaking old it is ridiculous!!!!! hahaha
I am so glad to hear that Tommy is heading back out this August! Is he still going to Russia??? I really hope so!
I am so proud of you reading in the Book of Mormon everyday, I truly have a testimony that reading every single day will bless us beyond anything that we can possibly imagine.  There is a scripture that I love in Alma chapter 31 verse five it says that the Lord's word is more powerful than the blade of a sword, I know that to be true, I know that we can conquer anything that the devil throws at us!!
So I brought my preach my Gospel to tell you about my baptisms... buuuuuuut I left it at the house when we went to the internet place...... So I will let you know by next time!!
We get about 270 Australian dollars every month... It's pretty good, except at times it goes faster when the Freighter comes in because there is a lot better food at JMB like fresh fruit and stuff and it is pretty dang expensive....
I love you so much mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson
P.S I am waaaaaaay happy, things are going so great, the only problem is we are running out of people to teach... so pray that we will find more, because I already told Dad, but Elder Hunter and I have gone to every single house in Banana and that is not a lie.... hahah
Oh also don't do anything about it but my sunglasses got stolen last week.... luckily they are old so it is not that big of a deal, but I just thought Iwould let you know! (The poor guy that stole Jeff's glasses was in for a big surprise since they were prescription glasses and Jeff is blind as a bat!)

(We received a letter from Jeff's companion Elder Hunter.  It made us happy to see what a great guy Jeff is with right now!)

This is Elder Hunter.  I have come to realize that I have been a very ungrateful Elder.  You guys have sent out so many packages and Elder Johnson has been very nice to share with me.  The spoon/forks that you guys sent out are suuuupperrr convenient.  I've absolutely loved all of the food that you guys have sent out as well.  I realized though this week that I haven't even said thank you!  Hahaha forgive me for the late thank you but just wanted you guys to know that I am very appreciative!
Elder Johnson is awesome.  You guys did well haha.  Super easy to get along with and we are having an absolute blast out here in Banana.  We have also had some good success which has been very nice!
Anyways just wanted to thanks for everything.  Hope you guys have a fantastic Sabbath!
Elder Hunter  

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