Monday, May 23, 2016

Birthday Celebration and Other Good Times in Banana

Little Gifts for the Kiribati kids!

Jeff sent us a quick email mid week apologizing for not sending any letters last week.  They planned on sending them from the hotel after hanging out with the YSA, but the internet was not working when they got back.  He made up for it this week by sending a ton of pictures!


Volleyball with the YSA for Jeff's Birthday
That sounds like it has been a pretty eventful last week,  again, I am so sorry that I didn't have the chance to email last week.... We really did try... BUT it was still a really fun day! We went and we played cards, and volley ball with the YSA it was a lot of fun!!!

My birthday was absolutely amazing, Elder Hunter surprised me by paying a lady in our branch to bake me a cake, and it was real too!!!! I started off the day by cooking us chocolate chip pancakes, cheesy scrambled eggs, shredded coconut, milk and an orange!!!! So awesome! Then we had a service set up and we dug a mwanibwa or a well for a widow in our branch. Let me tell you what, it was probably one of the hardest services I've done!!  After we went home, ate some cake, showered, changed, and went to our lessons.  Then for dinner, not only was there shark, there was lobster, octopus, cake, raw fish, rice and this pumpkin mash stuff!! They went all out for my birthday!!! I loved it!
That is so funny about dad popping a tire, and let him know that I am worthy of a beard too one day, because I changed the tire on Elder Miller's van when it blew.... ahhahaha XD
Package was AMAZING I loved it!! hahah I found another brand that does water proof bags Patagonia.  Also do you remember that trail mix from Costco? I think it is that has dried strawberries, pineapple, mango, apples and stuff in it I honestly want anything with fruit! hahaha
I love you so much mom, and I appreciate all that you do for me at all times!!!

Love your son,
Elder Johnson


It sounds like everything is going pretty great at home! I've noticed that you left out the story of the car tire popping ahaahahah that is so funny!!!!! My birthday went awesome!! I already sent mom most of the details, but I ate shark, lobster, octopus, raw fish, cake.  That family went above and beyond to make that a special day for me!
Funniest thing that happened this week..... I don't know.... there are so many funny things that happen while I am with Elder Hunter.... But the funniest thing is we finished the Mwanibwa that we started a week ago, and the guy who was cleaning it out pulled out 2 live crabs!  The Widow's son who is 3 to 5 grabbed the spade and chases/sneaks around until he smashed them to pieces!! hahahah XD

Digging a Mwanibwa- (Well)

Golden investigator........ has evolved into a member! and yes I just used a Pokemon reference! hahah
One is Kitaa (guitar in Kiribati) we can't really tell if he is that into lessons or not... other than that all of our other investigators are really solid!
There is a rumor, not confirmed yet, that after this transfer now that Elder hunter and I are staying so we think I am staying at least until end of august early September!
I love you dad,'
Love your son,
Elder Johnson
Elder Johnson is having a great time with Elder Hunter!

Birthday Breakfast

Elder Hunter paid a member to bake Jeff a cake for his birthday!

Birthday dinner- Shark, Lobster, Octopus, Raw Fish, Pumpkin Mash and Rice!


MacGyver Fix on the Mission Bike 

New Christmas Island District- (He didn't send names)

How many other missions have a rat kill rate of the Kiribati Islands?

Wedding Day

I love that Jeff has grown up, but is the same kid he has always been!

Heaven on Earth


  1. I am curious, how deep did Jeff need to dig the well ? Probably not very deep, because the water table would be shallow. That makes me wonder about tsunami affect on the islands. Do they live under a constant threat ? And what is the highest point within the Islands ?

    1. Hello Clyde, I don't think he had to dig down very deep for the well, but he said it was a hard service project. He has worked on wells before on Tarawa that looked a bit deeper. They typically do not get Tsunami issues on the atolls. They have risks of cyclones from time to time though. The highest point on the islands is about 266 feet, but most of the islands are flat and barely above sea level.

  2. I really enjoy the Blog especially all the photos.