Monday, October 31, 2016

First Experiences Training a New Missionary

Elders Johnson and Jackson

Dear Mom,
Fiji was an amazing experience but I am very happy to be back in my own mission!!!! hahah I met several amazing families, one whose name was Neil, who the missionary committed to baptism right in front of us.... to which his response was "Is it alright if we do it a week early so he could get baptized on his birthday!"  XD 

I'm doing great, getting settled, and feeling a little more comfortable in the area, Me personally, I don't really feel like I've been myself, I feel a little overwhelmed training, so I think it's effected the way I do things. And when I asked Elder Jackson what I could improve on, he reminded me of things that I used to do that for some reasons have slipped out of my routine. Nothing big, just the little things, like being goofy for the people, approaching people differently and just going above that which is expected. There will definitely be some changes this up coming week! I'm still just unfamiliar with training a new missionary, and just don't want to mess up....

Elder Jackson is doing great, I think he is a great kid.  Personally I've been stressed about training for the first time. I've noticed that I don't seem myself, and I think that might be making hard on him. He's doing great at the language and missionary work.  He's doing amazing, I am very impressed with how well he is at the Language, and how hard he has been working.

Yeah there were a lot of rules that I didn't know about.  I try really hard to get on time, which we accomplished when Elder Hunter and Christensen were out doing training, but while they were here, it's a lot harder, planning goes long and we go off on tangents joking and telling stories...... but I'm trying.  

The church here in my area is just like back home.... but bigger! hahah and there is quite a bit of youth! haha

Mom, I love that scripture, that's one that I personalized as well, it's in my patriarchal blessing and I've already seen so many blessings by following the counsel in it. It gives me the strength to push on and work hard.

Elders Hunter and Johnson, service project

Elders Johnson, Jackson, Hunter, Christensen service project.

Journal entry:  October 26
"Today was an amazing day, so we had a packed schedule and Elder Christensen kept making comments that they would take some lessons..... I'm not going to let that happen!  Anyway, we woke up ran, did a leg set then got changed, read in the scriptures a little bit then got ready to go to district meeting.  We picked up a cake for a sister whose birthday was yesterday and we got dropped off at the Bikinebeu chapel.  

When Elder Larsen got there we talked and got caught up for a little while, he's a really cool kid! XD  His training today was on obedience, and it turned out amazing!  He asked if anyone had a time when they ere obedient to the promptings of the spirit and I shared the time when the church leaders around the school came to a question and answer thing at seminary.  The time before we all wrote down questions and the Leaders chose the ones they wanted to answer.  I wrote one down about how to resist temptation, and when the day came for the leaders to come to church, I wasn't going to go.  I was in my truck when the thought came to go... I walked in reluctantly and sat at the back to which they had already started.... I was about 30 minutes late, but the first question they answered when I walked in the doors was mine.... and the answer was "a chapter a day keeps the devil away."  amazing since then I strive to read every single day!

A random lady who came in cut Elder Larsen off haha and he made the funniest face!!! WE then went to Paradise, a Chinese restaurant, where everyone ate but me because I forgot that my wallet was with Elder Jenks... I talked and Joked around with Elder Larsen and Elder Miller.  When we got back to the house we quickly got our stuff together and were out the door.  We just started going down the list, it was so great it all flowed.  

We taught Baewa who we just gave the Book of Mormon to, and he was already in the 20th chapter in first Nephi!!  When we came up he was a sleep so Elder Jackson made a wild cat noise that scared the crap out of him.  We Taught a really great Word of wisdom lesson.  After we taught Maua who has a member friend who sat in on our lesson!  The lesson was on prophets and went really well.  Elder Jackson pulled out some really great examples/ object lessons.  

We then went back to out house because Elder Jackson had beka nako, or in English poop that runs, which we booked it home let him go and we we were back out.  The rest of the day went amazing.  it ended up in one of the best ways possible but before that, we were a little ways from Morom Moroni which we had a lesson at 6 and it was 5:55 and this was a lesson we were told we absolutely had to be there on time.  We got there in record time.... and I  had the Beka nako hit me.... I got to the bathroom barely pulled down my pants and BOOM If I would have waited 2 more seconds I would have pooped my pants.... We met Tarima who was the one who set up our lesson, who told us why here nieces are all less active now and that is because of the way Elder Ah-to acted while he was here... After we taught tooti, who we tried to get  a ton of members to sit in but he said no to all of them... The best part of the day was dinner.... with our investigators!!! Itienang and Tangite who are so amazing, they came to church after just 2 lessons with them.   Very humble dinner, ben or coconut mai rice and very little fish.  Before we ate we taught prophets, amazing lesson, full of the spirit and they had great questions.  Overall a great day!!! 

Love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson 


I thought of one thing that would be very handy here... Hair clippers 240 volt, I get asked a lot to cut hair and I've gotten pretty good! but I don't have clippers.  

Elder Jackson and I fasted for you guys yesterday about receiving an answer about moving and while studying I came across a scripture that might help  D&C 75:26-27

I love you so much, and I pray for you guys all the time.

My Companion's first name is Seth, and things are going really well.... I am having a little rough time, he really wants to stand out and look good in front of the leaders.

We have a lot of people... a lot of amazing fellow-shipping going on and very strong members.  Itienang and Tangite are a family where we just taught restoration and they came to church 2 and have even fed us.  A less active who need some prayers going his way, he has a disorder where he is afraid of people, his name is Tooti (toes) and a lot lot more... A couple scheduled for this Saturday,  but they missed church Tokanuea and Kabutaake.

Our flat is way nice, huge, air con in the 2 bedrooms, I meant to take pictures... but I spaced... next week! We have a room filled to the ceiling with Elder's bags and luggage and Kiribati stuff.. We have a couch and bunk beds 2 closets and an unused ironing board in our room.. APs have 2 queen sized beds and closets... And a WORKING SHOWER!!!!!!! No more bucket showers!!! hahahah it's just freezing cold!!! hahaha

I briefly Met President Larkin, he is short and very soft spoken... He is going to do interviews this week.

I love you dad,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson  

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