Monday, November 7, 2016

Applying for School, Short Letters Home

Dear mom,

So today I am finishing up my schooling stuff, which is really stressful......but I know that I have to do it!! hahah And that it is important.  So that Neil guy was someone we met in Fiji while we were there so I don't know if he actually got baptized.  Everyone else is doing great Baeua is amazing he is on his way to quitting smoking. so awesome.

So journal Entry for the week November 2 :

Well today was great! An amazing day!  Woke up, ran, got chased by demon dogs...... I HATE DOGS!!!!!!  Then got on personal study. During study we got a call from Elder Peeti asking if we can catch a bus to the Temwaiku chapel.... Fetch!!   Zone meeting was great!!  Elder Peeti and Elder Parrish talked about working with ward conference.  I got a ton of cool things/ideas to talk about tonight's meeting.  After President Larkin pretended to be from so many religions fighting us on what we believe, we were supposed to to come up with things we had that other religions don't.  It was really cool except it went long so we didn't have time to go to lunch... except the first few things we had planned fell through. Then at the clear opposite side of our area from our house the runs hit me worse than yesterday(I got food poisoning) (bad fish) WE book it to the house and I barely make it.... We teach Teoueatara, who had this lady sit in with us who was really great at English!!  Amazingly good, she kept correcting our Kiribati haha But it was super helpful.  We then had a lot of time and only one lesson left scheduled for the day.  So we met up with Elder Hunter and Elder Christensen.  We told them that we were going to teach that one lesson then go see if we could get an interview with President.  

So we taught Nei Eema, who didn't pay attention at all.  I don't know if she even wants lessons.  After we got fed crackers and juice, then we went out and saw President Larkin.  I let Elder Jackson go first because those crackers and the juice went right through me.  Right before we met him, I kept trying to get out of seeing him for some reason. I think I know why, because it was exactly what I needed.  He asked bout my family, I expressed my concerns about them, not being good enough to train, talked about my swimming days.  He then asked me if I was a driven person, had high expectations of my self, a perfectionist, and becoming upset if I don't achieve.  The answer is yes.... he then told me there is one of two things about people like that.  1-they get things done and are good at that and 2- They are too hard on themselves.  He then told me that's why you have to find that balance... Like in swimming, you hit the wall and you're fractions of a second off the time you need, but you hit your best time... be happy and don't be too hard, just know to push harder for the next time.  So awesome!!!! 

We then formed a split so I could go to the meeting and Elder Hunter and Elder Jackson could get our last lessons.  When were waiting I met a RM who served in Magna and knows the Christoffersons, the Thomas' (Jerrica) and the Jeppson's!!! how cool choir and swim friends!!!  His name is Bauro(Paul) or Elder Tune!  We took a picture together and he sent it to all of them!!!  

Ward counsel was great and very productive, I gave them the idea of the service scavenger hunt that we did back home and they LOVED the idea!!!! We then ran to the Jenks because my stomach acted up again... so yeah rough day sick wise.. but we set up service to do with them for tomorrow I am really excited!!! XD

I love you mom,
sorry it's not much I am trying to figure out school stuff. 

Love your son,
Elder Johnson


Thanks for all of your support dad, I love you so much and sorry that my response and stuff is going to be short... 

Things go well with my comp! He is a great kid, he is doing awesome.  I'm getting back to my goofy ways, and the lessons are going great! We had an investigator we taught yesterday on Book of Mormon, who said before we talked about it they said, We wanted that book!!!! WE knew it was gods words and we just wanted one for ourselves!! XD

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