Monday, December 12, 2016

Eita is a Busy Place for Missionary Work

Dear mom,
It is so true about the whole following the spirit thing.  I know that as we allow for the spirit to teach, he does a lot better job than we could ever do.  Heavenly Father knows his children on such a personal level that when he sends that member of the Godhead to do the teaching.  Along with God, the spirit knows each of us on such a level that what he could be teaching us could be completely different than what the actual lesson is.  That is how you know that you are being a successful teacher. 
That freaks me out how fast time is going.  I really hate it....... ugh.............................
I am glad that everything is happening the way they are to make the best of all the situations.
The plan of Salvation cut outs are things I've drawn and used to teach the Plan of Salvation.  I've done them 3 times now because just as my companion leaves I have given them to him.  I haven't finished these ones yet unfortunately.... but I am hoping to do so this week. 
The Ap's are back and are staying here the rest of the year... Thank goodness!!!! hahah
Tooti has a mental disability that makes him think everyone is judging him.  Plus his wife is not very nice to him and calls him bad names so that doesn't help much....
Anyway this week's Journal entry:  December 10
"Well,  normal routine, hahah I bet you didn't see that one coming huh??? hahahaha  Well I had a nice workout, nice breakfast of oats, then a pretty great study.  I am really trying to get Elder Sagapolu where he needs so be, but we are still working on a few things.  At the end of my studies I went into the back room and prayed to specifically know what I needed to do in order to best help him.  My answer was pretty simple: listen  better to what he had to say and just play around with him.  (not prank him)  During companion study I tried to just listening to what he had to say, and I saw a huge difference.  And when he asked me if I want to wrestle I took off my badge, we both stood up and we made sumo stances.  It was so funny! XD  

The spirit just testified to me that THAT is what it is all about LOVE.  Companion study we role played Plan of Salvation in English to help him get down the order of what needs to be taught.  After today I decided I love role-plays.  As he taught he honestly explained to me what he didn't understand.  Most of the time if I casually ask him if he understands , He says he does.  sometimes I feel he just says that because I think he is worried about me thinking down on him for not knowing.  which I don't at all!!!  We got on the road and left to get my split companion for the day.  The AP's had a lot of office work to get caught up on, so they found me a split companion.  His name was Kaotan.  Great kid, but did not help me teach whatsoever!!! hahahah  

All of our lessons today were really focused on the atonement and repentance.  Even when that was not the scheduled lesson.  That is just what we seemed to teach on.  I almost wonder if it is something that Kaotan needed to hear.  Of all of our lessons today, the one that stood out the most was oona.  She is trying to quit smoking.  She is such an amazing old lady  She started praying on her own to quit smoking.  She reads, and has an amazingly beautiful testimony, and she wants to do what is right.  I made her a very cool promise, that I made sure I confirmed by the spirit.  I told her that if she came to church, that her smoking would stop.  The spirit was so overwhelmingly strong as I told her this.  

After the lesson I really had to pee.  Kaotan told me to go behind this certain tree, so I walked over there and at the same time a group of kids just stopped in amazement at the White guy peeing like a Kiribati person......  Well we then drove the car to Bwaewa's house where we had an awesome lesson on the Atonement.  We explained  how the lord's Atonement could help him over come the desire to smoke.  As we ended I gave him a picture of Jesus looking over a flock of sheep.  I explained the job of the shepherd and how we are all the savior's sheep.  He loved that.  

When  we got in the car I had the feeling not to back up a certain way.... I thought and pondered the idea and decided that just a couple days before Elder Christensen backed up the same way and that it would be a waste of time to back out a different way.  Again same thought... I took 5 minutes to think about it.... but backed up that way anyway..... and the van got stuck.... WHY DO I HAVE SUCH A HARD TIME LISTENING?????  If you have to think about it and the worst thing that could happen by doing it is just losing a few minutes DO IT!!  Dinner was ridiculous .  We had two kiribati people and Elder Sagapolu.  All of whom eat a ton!  Overall, a great day!"
Any way I love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Well, I'm glad to hear that your humor hasn't changed over the past year or so! hahahahah you crack me up!!!!! well, I'll send a picture of something that we were given in the ward that I am working for the Christmas time. 
I too love Joseph.  Just this morning I read about him in the New Testament.  This is what I wrote.  Matthew 1 and 2 Joseph had so much faith and courage.  To imagine what he must have been going through... Mary Pregnant with child, he not knowing whose baby it was.  He must have had such a personal battle.  The Lord allowed for him to make his decision on what he would do.  Even struggle a little bit.  He then sent an angel of the Lord to him to explain the sacredness of the entire event.  As soon as he was given instruction to take Mary to be his wife, he did not hesitate.  Joseph, an example to us all.  When the command came to act in the name of Mary and the sake of the Babe and savior of the world, he was obedient.  He didn't hesitate to follow through with what the lord wanted and required of him.  He knew that the message came from God. 
Right now, I am really stressed, overwhelmed and depressed.  I haven't had quite an enthusiasm for the work for some reason this past week.  I am feeling burnt out with all the load that has been put on me.  Training 2 people, having to issue splits, keeping the area up, going and being in charge of ward counsel.  I have been losing my temper and have been having some depressing thoughts.  Just pray for me okay?
I love the work and there is no way I am going to give up now, I just need some help from above. Training is so hard! hahaha
I love you dad,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

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