Monday, December 5, 2016

No Shortage of Work in Eita

Dear Mom,
This week has been amazing! Really crazy however..... The APs get to travel to the different outer islands this week, and due to the break for school the flights were booked.  They had to stay in an outer Island called Onotoa for an entire week...... It made for a pretty stressful week, but we pushed through it and it turned out to be very successful!  This past week I have been trying to really focus on following the spirit on asking inspired questions.  At first it was really awkward because you have to have long pauses in the lesson to try to understand what the spirit is telling you to say.  I have seen some amazing things come from it, even when the questions catch me by surprise when I ask them. For example, we Just started teaching this new lady named Roata.  She is amazingly prepared to hear the gospel.  Anyway, during our lesson with her on Saturday, I paused and asked her a question that caught me by surprise.  "what are you thinking about?" To which her response was.... I just was thinking about where I was going after this life.   If I hadn't been following the spirit I would have never have known this is what she was thinking about!!!! It was so amazing!!!! At the end of the Lesson We asked her if she had any questions she asked how she could increase her faith..... SHE IS SO PREPARED FOR THE GOSPEL!!!!!!!
Do you want to know something cool about that Talk you read? I was literally JUST about to read it before I got on! hahah That's just a sign that I actually have to read it!!! hahah I'm way excited now!!!
That wall looks so cool!!! I love it you are so talented!!!!
So I don't know if you already sent my package or not but someone stole my exercise bands from my house when Elders came in for transfers.... so if you haven't sent it or if you know of anyone sending a package that would be something I would like.... I was so upset....
Anyway Journal Entry for the week Saturday December 3
"Holy lightning batman!  This week came and went in a blink of an eye.  I really hate how everything just just  flies by now... It felt like yesterday I was in Christmas and only a matter of days that I just started my mission.  Now I am one of the old guys!!  When did that happen?????? Personally I hate it so bad... Well any way, Great workout today.  I am putting more and more weight in my bag to do push ups and stuff.  

Personal Study was good.  I am trying to work on my new plan of salvation cut outs  ... They are really taking a really long time.  I might take some time on P day to finish them.  Anyway,  companion study was lame, but 12-week was really good!!!  Now that we have a portable dvd player we are able to watch district videos.  I am learning a ton from those things!  

Language was cut short so that we could go find myself a split companion.  I didn't get to work with my real companion all week because we have so many people.  We left to check on a few people.  Eibwati was at work and everyone else we tried to call were either busy or didn't pick up the phone.  Our last stop we tried Teveavea, who wasn't doing anything!!!  He told us he was happy to help.  XD  

When he got dressed and ready to go, we hopped in the car and dropped off Elders Sagapolu and Kaibakia.  Soon after we took off in direction of the airport since we had to pick up Elder Hunter and Elder Christensen.  It felt like a matter of moments that we were dropping them off!  Anyway we got them to the house and got to our lesson pretty quickly.  We were a little behind schedule.  Luckily the doctrines we were teaching were simple enough that we were at four lessons.  We taught a less-active family today on the Restoration.  They all have a testimony but the problem is, the mom is really sick and her legs are either infected or broken so she can't walk.  As I recited the first vision, I recognized the spirit in a different way than I usually do..  I just felt an overwhelming sense of Happiness.  Amazing outcome!  Roata is so prepared to hear the gospel!  While teaching her prophets I tried asking an inspired question.  What I asked her surprised me, but the result of me asking her was beautiful.  (I asked her "what are you thinking right now?"  To which her response was "I was asking myself what happens after this life?"  I was able to bear testimony that Latter-day prophets revealed the plan of Salvation to us.  Tokanuea was a great lesson, I just kept joking around and making everyone laught until it came time to be serious.  She told us she keeps forgetting to pray.  The reasoning behind that is because she is afraid of Ghosts... I told her the story of me driving home alone one night late in the evening after watching a scary movie.  I  told her I was afraid of what I didn't see.  I explained how I prayed and everything worked out, I felt a calmness in my heart.  

Toti was our last lesson.  I had a very hard time concentrating at first and could barely feel the spirit.  As we were trying to teach repentance a bunch of naked children were running around screaming and smacking each other!  As we continued to teach they calmed down and we had an amazing discussion.  Tooti is amazing he just has a fear of people.....  He Looked so good! He got a haircut and shaved, he looked so clean!  I really think he is going to come to church.  As we got up to leave he thanked us for helping him feel the spirit.  We walked out and I remembered I had to to talk to Elder Kaibakia's family and explain to them that we couldn't eat with them since he is set apart as a missionary.  The spirit was present as we explained this to them... Then came the best/worst part of the day..... Dinner.... The food was amazing every time we go to Merika's house they feed us Americanized meals!!! coleslaw bbq chicken sausage, spaghetti and noodles and meatballs!!! cake and ice cream for dessert.  But the problem is since I haven't eaten it in so long... I over eat...................... I hate it I have no self-control!!!!!. Overall an amazing day!!!!"  

Any way Love you mom,
Have a great week!!!
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

hahahahahahahahahahahah First off, that is the funniest story of my life!!!!!!!!! I was laughing so hard that I just had to show Elder Larson and Elder Hunter sitting right by me.  I used up a good 5 minutes of my email time trying to get a hold of myself I was laughing so hard!!!! hahahahahahah Oh man that poor kid....... hahahahah what has the world come to????? hahahah
That nativity scene turned out sooo good!!! Everyone is way impressed! Maybe you should start selling them!  Everyone I showed them to told me they looked just like the cartoon!
Elder Sagapolu, Elder Kaibakia and I are doing great... but I just wish that I had more time to work with them.  Ever since coming and working on Tarawa, things have been a lot different.  They are a lot more stressful, but I am learning that I really need to work on being a little more patient with myself and others.  I find my self getting frustrated so easily just because I have so much on my plate.  He's a great kid and I love him.  The work is on fire right now, amazing people so many are prepared to hear the Gospel.  I love Eita!! 
Please pray for Rerei and her mom Tirine.  They both want to be baptized but their dad/husband forbids it.  The culture here, whatever religion the man of the house is, that is your religion.  Well, yesterday they both wanted to come to church but the husband didn't allow it.  So when he was asleep, his daughter Rerei snuck out to come to church.  When she came home he beat both of them..... they really want to get baptized but are scared of him....
That would be the scariest thing.  We got a weird text from our member present right before we went to go teach them.  It said that we were not supposed to go to their house and go to her house first.  We tried that, but our member present wasn't home... so we went to Rerei and Tirine's house. As we are about to go up to the house we get a call telling us to go straight to the road.  Teretia (our member present) told us the whole situation.  The reasoning for them telling us to not go there is he told his daughter and wife that "if the mormon missionaries came to his house than it wasn't his sin!"
So we just about got beat but luckily God is on our side... hahahah I wouldn't mind, I've got angels on my back! I'd like to see what he could do! hahaha

My favorite spiritual  moment happend when we taught out investigator Taai.  HIs lesson was by far the most powerful of all our lessons this last week!.  We started off teaching book of Mormon, but it didn't seem right ... somehow by the power of the spirit we found ourselves on the restoration,.  Taai had made a moment that he was confused about which church was true and that he wanted to know.  I recited the first vision.... I can't even put to words how firm that spirit was.  It was as if I were completely surrounded by angels joined in one voice testifying of what I said by the spirit of the Lord.  I know  that God the Father and his son appeared to Joseph Smith.  I would be lying if I said I didn't believe it.  At the End he bore his testimony about the truthfulness of that lesson.  It was such a beautiful lesson!  

I love you dad!
love your son,
Elder JOhnson

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