Monday, November 28, 2016

Grateful for Missionary Blessings

Dear Momma Bear,
So I am sooooo relieved to know that you guys got my package!!! I was so worried that it was not going to get to you guys!! Was everything in there?? 
I am glad that you got the stuff to Amy. haha I too am so grateful to have such amazing support!!
So Friday here, (Thanksgiving in America) I spent the time to write out the things I am grateful for.....What am I grateful for Thanksgiving 2016 

My family allowing me to serve my lord.  My family and their support.  My mission.  Mom for always knowing what to say.  Dad for always knowing what to do.  Both for being such a great team, for marrying in the temple/keeping covenants.  Josh for being such a homie/ good friend.  Ana for her goofy/loving nature.  Kaleb for being the life of the party.  Scriptures/words of the prophets.  The Atonement and road it provides us to come back.  The Plan of Salvation allowing us to come home and live with our families forever.  Weaknesses/challenges, without them, we could never grow.  All those who have helped me get to where I am: Grandparents, family, friends and loved ones.  Amazing friends who have helped me stay on the straight and narrow: Amy, Lucas, Brian, Katie, Ally, Gibson, Tyson, Tyler, and everyone else I've missed! XD  Amazing coaches working me hard and helping me to understand that hard work brings results: Jason, Jason, Cory, (Johnson Family) Kyle, and Audrey.  Not making that sectionals time.  Who knows I might not be serving.  Church leaders and teachers: Bother Rose, Arslanian, Burbage Thurston Scott, Bishop Benedict, President Gifford, the Osbornes, and the Crawfords.  The people of Kiribati.  The blessings the lord has given me during my time as a missionary.  Christ, and his life.  President Larkin and his leadership and support.  All my mission homies.  Elder Osborne for teaching me the importance of having fun.  Elder Seguine for teaching me the Atonement is more than just for sinners.  Elder Powell for helping me see the importance of looking past differences.  Elder Vula teaching people not lessons.  Elder Kennedy for teaching me that it is all up to us if we will get upset.  Elder Carrington for teaching me the true meaning of a successful missionary.  Elder Darm for teaching me how to really love those around us.  Elder Hunter for teaching me that Humility, charity, and Patience go a long way.  Elder Ellis for teaching me how to by example how to be an extra ordinary missionary.  Elder Gilbert on how to make jokes, and not letting the little things bother you (also how to cookXD) Elder Jackson how to be patient with yourself and others, also to just enjoy the little things.  Elder Sagapolu on being a happy guy.
The list could go on, there are so many things that I am grateful for.  This year I have selected some of the most outstanding and amazing blessings I have received and seen the passed couple of years.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!
I love you mom!
Everything is great, I am healthy and loving the work it is so much fun and I love training even though it is hard at times.  I know that as I pray for help all things will work out!
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

hahahahhahahahah I could not stop laughing when you told me about the picture "Ana wanted for Christmas" hahahahahah that is sooooo funny!!!!!!!! hahah
I am doing awesome! Really crazy week with transfers and stuff but things are going great!!!! I love it here in Eita It is so much fun!!! Thanksgiving sounds soooooooo fun! I really wish I could have been there you know? Ah man what a bummer! OH well.  I do like the idea of having fish for dinner.  Maybe you and I could go catch a couple then cook them up!!!! I could make us some fish head soup as a side!! or maybe some cream of squash! I am learning some pretty good stuff! XD All the Elders around me are really impressed with the drawings you did for our yard, it's wayyyyy good! I wish I had more time to draw.... I think that it would be awesome to do that Star Wars one!!! hahaha
Yeah, Every missionary in the mission is coming in.  Christmas day we are just going to have sacrament, then spend the day together.  The Senior couples are holding on to the Christmas packages so that we can all open them together on Christmas day!! hahah President Hallic is the 70 coming in, that is why everyone is coming in from Outer Islands. It is going to be a very hectic time!! No news on skype yet but I am sure they will tell us shortly!
My comp is amazing! He is a funny kid.  He is having a rough time though, he's had bike problems all week.  We had to patch his bike 3 times and I even carried it one day after his bike exploding! XD But he is just a happy kid.  Really funny to pull little pranks on him! hahah He takes it like a champ!
The funniest thing that happened this week is we got fish at a dinner, and well me I love to eat the fish head... including the eye. (it is sooo tasty) So I told Elder Sagapolu to try it.  He sucked on the eye like a boss..... buuuuuuuuuuuut he did not like it! XD He had the must disgusted face on the entire time he was eating it!!!! XD
Most spiritual is a little more difficult... There were so many!!! Lately I have been working on asking inspired questions.  In order to do this you have to have a slight pause in the lesson, that can be a little awkward at times... but I saw so many great amazing things come out of it.  The investigators talk more and the spirit is so strong.  by getting this down we have been able to better focus out lesson on our investigators.
Please pray for Tenati and his wife, they are less-actives that just had a miss carriage.... We just taught them temples and the spirit was so strong testifying to them that they could see their family again.  They just need a little extra heaven sent help.
I love you dad,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson 

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