Monday, November 21, 2016

Welcome Elder Sagapolu, New Missionary to Kiribati

Dear mom,
Things go great!!!!! I have everything all figured out and I'm getting back to normal. I think the problem was that I was in a new situation I didn't quiet know how to incorporate myself in with training but I now have it figured out a little more.  The most success I am going to have is BEING MYSELF!
Well you will be as surprised as I was when I heard the news myself that I am training a new missionary....... Again!!!!! They sent Elder Jackson off to Tabiteuea south and I am now with Elder Sagapolu from Taylorsville  Utah! such a great kid. I am sad however that Elder Jackson left me.... I had such a great time with him! Elder Sagapolu is a big kid, whose dad played for The Steelers back in the day... HOW COOL IS THAT??? hahah well he's a big kid, a little intimidating until you get to know him.... He's just a big Teddy Bear, I love him!!!! hahah

I did lose my wallet.... all the money was stolen, but I didn't pray to get the money back, I prayed that I would get my license and my temple recommend.  One of the Less actives in our area found it buried under the dirt, took it and gave it to me.  What I think happen was it was taken on the bus, then thrown out the window after the money was taken out... but I have it!!! XD 

One thing that I would like if you can find it, a book of object lessons I can use to teach gospel doctrine. Thank you so much for getting stuff for my companion and Elder Hunter! 

The lump on my foot is just a callous that is painful from sitting cross legged.... It's HUGE hahahahah

anyway the journal entry for this week is Last Thursday:

"Today was an amazing day!!! Woke up went on a great run, came back did a leg set, then I sat down to write in my journal. I got distracted talking to Elder Jackson.  I talked to him about things to remember as he goes out to Tabiteuea. The things I told him were keeping an open heart, be teachable, remember to stay on the playing field, keep your mind focused, don't tell any when when you get thoughts when he gets brown fever. (Keeping his heart locked.)  He was very thankful, and the spirit was definitely present as we spoke.  

When we were done, we went and did our service with Nei Mwaiango.  We did cleaning around her house.  We joked with a bunch of little kids that Elder Jackson was so strong he could lift up a car! XD  They thought it was so funny.  When we were done cleaning, we got fed orange cake, and a really great tasting soup with half cooked fish.  When we got back to the house we showered in the last bit of our rain water and did our studies.  It was so great! The studies were super spiritual and very productive.  We went out today and we just had so much fun, joking around and working hard.  We tracted a lot of houses and found several potentials that were very interested in hearing the gospel!  

One gentleman was very against letting us in and hearing from us, but we told him that all we wanted to do was listen. He explained his religion to us and by the end of the lesson he told us that we could be friends and stop by any time to talk and we even got him to agree to let us do service for his family. As we walked away we thanked him for his faith and willingness to share his beliefs with us. When we were finished explaining this to him, his entire countenance changed. Very cool experience for sure

When we went to confirm to dinner we almost got drawn into a bootaki, which would have been a huge dent on our schedule!!! but I got us out of it!!!  We taught some amazing people to day even though a lot of our normal plans fell through, I know that god watches out for us and has our backs.

A little later we get a call from the APs telling us to meet at the house to where I met my new kid!!!!! I met him with a new tie and a huge hug! Except I couldn't quite get my arms around him!!! hahah He is a big kid!!! I love him!  He really wants to do good, and is very willing to work our  lesson fell through and I gave him the opportunity to choose some houses to tract and each one had someone very prepared or  a less active very cool experience. 

Elder Sagapolu had an amazing time as we were walking to dinner, we say this guy strumming a  guitar singing in English.  So beautiful, we sang How firm a foundation to him and he explained how god gave him talents and how he was going to use them to praise him and thank him for everything.  I started bearing my testimony to him and he just started strumming his guitar and what I was saying just kind of starting sounding poetic, so beautiful.  The spirit was very strong and it was a cool experience.  Dinner was amazing Elder Sagapolu had the best first dinner possible. Mai chips bread fruit soup, sweet fruit leather made out of a local fruit, bbq fish, chicken. It was so tasty.  As we were waiting for the food I played with the kids pretending to shoot them and they thought it was so funny so we started shooting each other with pretend finger guns and "dying" so funny!  some of those kids were pretty good actors!! hahah.  AMAZING DAY!!!

Love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

Hanging out with the AP's

Looks Like Elder Hunter got a hold of Jeff's camera again! 

Letters to dad were all about college, Jeff is starting to get a bit worried about coming back to normal life!

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