Friday, October 16, 2015

Last MTC P-Day

Early Laundry Day for Last MTC P-Day
Today is our official Last P-day in the MTC,  I got a fresh new hair cut, had a mini panic attack when I realized my card didn't work, went to the temple for the last time in two years, and played beach volleyball. 

This week seriously went sooooo fast! It felt like yesterday it was only Sunday! My companion and I had the chance to teach Priesthood for a second time and our third lesson over all for Sunday classes. Last Sunday the topic was Baptism, President Yost, who is a counselor over the entire MTC sat in.  He told our zone president that he was impressed with the lesson.

Choir has been amazing every Tuesday and Sunday we get to practice a song for the devotionals. This week we did an arrangement of Joseph Smith's prayer which was beautiful and definitely brought the spirit into the room. 

Wednesday we got to host new missionaries which was a really cool experience to see the dropping off from a new perspective.  My companion and I even got asked to stay a little later to help with the late missionaries. 

Thursday was in field orientation, which was a number of classes in what to generally expect when we get to the field. It was from breakfast to dinner time, so it was long, but I got a ton out of it.  Any way that is my week in a nutshell. 

Getting ready to leave Tuesday, it's coming soo fast!!!

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