Friday, October 9, 2015

MTC Week 4


This Last week, Elder Osborne, Elder Hoskins and I built Fort Kiribati in our room, and after we slept in it for the night I had the feeling to take care of it in the morning but we got busy getting ready for the day so I forgot. That night one of the president's assistants/counselors was walking around telling everyone about zone prayer, and I was the only on in the room, because my companion was in the bathroom and the other two weren't in the room yet,  so I tried walking out so he wouldn't walk in before the others came to help me take it down, but he beat me to my room!! As he was telling me about zone prayer he was looking from the fort back to me, with this look of "I am not amused" Of course that would happen!!  WE took it down but it was pretty legit!

I don't have very long but I wanted to say that your dear elders help me every week, you know exactly what to say!

I loved the gift box and I shared some of it! ;) 

I have been doing so much better with the language, and when my companion and I taught Brother Birrell, in my one on one with him he said I killed it.  I told him I tried out some of the techniques he told me when I went to him about my frustrations about the language.

I love it here and I am soo excited to go out and serve the people of Kiribati.

Love your son

Dear Momma Bear,
I'm glad that you liked the picture that I drew you guys, it literally took me like five minutes.  
Yeah, dad sent me a dear elder he was gone, I know how tough that can be for you, but I always admired how for the most part you kept your cool and we all were crazy!! hahah, But there is one person who knows exactly how you are feeling at all times, because he has experienced it all, Jesus Christ.  Whenever you are struggling, turn to your father in heaven, and ask him for comfort.  He will give it to you, but you have to be doing your part.  I know it's hard when dad travels but the reason he does it is for the Family.  Dad knows that the most important thing in the gospel is families and that is why he works as hard as he does.  

The language is going so well, I've talked to two of my teachers about my frustrations, and they have been able to help me a ton! Brother Birrell and Brother Packer are so awesome!!  I even asked for a blessing of comfort and I received a whole bunch of ways how to retain the language a lot better.  Hard work and prayer that's all it takes!! Yesterday we got to teach a skype lesson to a return Kiribati missionary, it was really cool, we had a twenty five minute lesson with him on the computer and I even shared a personal experience in kiribati.  It was sooooo cool and I know that he felt the spirit because I know I did.

I know that as I strive to be a good missionary and try my very hardest to be exactly obedient, then I know that the Lord will bless me and I know that he will help me through anything, even learn a seemingly impossible language through the spirit.  

I ataia bwa e kouaua ibukin E mate, Iesu Kristo, ti kona maiu ma te Atua ao Iesu Kristo.  Ngkana ko ira  ana tua Te Atua ao ngkana ko tataro nakon te Atua I ataia Ko kona karakea korakora ao irakei iroun te tamnei ai roiroi.

(I know that because Jesus Christ died we can live with God and Jesus Christ. If you follow God's commandments and pray to him you can receive strength and be led by the holy ghost.)
I love you mom, you have no idea how grateful I am for everything that you have done for me.  You have done so much that I could never repay to you. Your love is the closest to the saviors than any one else I have ever met, just like Elder Holland said.  
Stay strong and pray often

Love your son

Elder Johnson.

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