Monday, July 18, 2016

The Longer He is Out, The Shorter His Letters Become!

SOOOOOOOOOO I actually got my package last Wednesday! hahahaha Last
week we went to the air port since EVERYONE was in London for the
Festivities and it came! hahahah so yeah it had everything I needed!!!
I do have have a bubuti from my Kiribati family here though... (a
question) They saw my waterproof cards and were wondering if they
could get a deck? if not they said it was okay.. this is the family
that put together my birthday party! XD

I am so glad that everything is going well with all the kids that
makes me happy! 

So I am leaving Banana, but I am not leaving Kiritimati quite yet...
President Larkin made some pretty big changes!!! hahah I am working in
London doing follow up training with Elder Gilbert. Senior couples and sisters
are coming anaaaand I am white washing London.. meaning that Elders
that were there before left today for an outer island of Kiritimati
and no one will be working in London for 2 weeks.... hahah

Things are definitely getting easier! Language is coming, I can understand people but have a hard time
communicating at times...

I am waaaay happy, Banana is in a rough patch with the Holiday but it is great!

Please pray for Kakirei, she has a very strong addiction to smoking, but we are starting to see a difference they just need a little push!

I love you dad,
love your son,
Elder Johnson


So I actually did get the pictures, just so you know! XD haha
I am healthy, no problems I honestly just forget to tell you that
every week my bad!!! hahaha

I also got my package last Wednesday.  The airport is in Banana so we
picked it up there! Everything you guys sent is perfect!!! Thank you so
much!!! XD

President Larkin doesn't come to Kiritimati until September so there
is a slight chance that I may not even get to meet him for a while! haha

Mom, I will be praying for you, but I promise you that as you read
your scriptures faithfully every single day that you will receive that
comfort and counsel and help you need for your time at Girls camp.

That is so crazy that Ally is leaving soon! I am just freaking out
that it has almost been a year since I've been gone it sucks!!!!!!

I love you mom,
Love your son,
Elder Johnson

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